36. A beautiful soul

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You have within yourself a beauty that was given to you by God when you saw the daylight of this world. This beauty, the seed of love, is within yourself and it is there for you to explore, for you to find, for you to search for. It is there as a hidden treasure. In this world of materiality, it becomes camouflaged by the passions of the earth, by the eagerness to achieve materialism, possessions and the striving for capital, for the gold that shines. You will not find this treasure within yourself, in the material terms, because you have to find the key that is far beyond materiality.

The key that has the tag with the written word LOVE, you will find within yourself, when you let go of selfishness, when you become truthful to your inner being, when you serve love to your surroundings, and when you help souls that are lost. Then, my friend, you start to raise yourself within towards the atmosphere of love. In this part of your inner being, you can see a light, a pathway where there is a door, a pathway filled with beautiful flowers, a pathway where you feel the compassion, where you feel the love from God, from others’ souls that are on the same pathway, because they send their love to a consciousness that you become a part of. There you will find the key. You will be given the key with the tag, with the word LOVE, where you can open this door, with this key only. Open it my friend. You see; the door will open. It is open for you, and it will be a treasure of such beauty, of such Mother Nature, that is indescribable to you. When you are lost in materiality, lost in materialism, the passions of the earth create a barrier to see the wonders of the Almighty Father. This is the gateway to the spirit world, the heaven where love prevails, where love predominates you living, where there is happiness, and where there is peace in mind.

Christ, a beautiful soul on earth showed the way. He gave you this key, the key of love, the key that he wanted you to search for within. He said: “I am the Truth, the Way and the Light”, and that is so true because he knew the pathway to God. We are all of the same Spirit. We are all part of God. We are his children and you can beautify your soul when you are here on earth in the school of life. You can be a beautiful soul, and you can have the key to the treasure of heaven within yourself, the treasure that will never rust to mould, a treasure that you can bring with you to the spirit world, that you can enjoy both on earth and in the life to come after you leave your physical body behind.

My friend, give your love and you will receive love. The treasure, the heaven within yourself, is there for you and it will come to you when you find yourself, your spiritual self.

You can become a beautiful soul. Get rid of the passions of the earth, get rid of materialism, live a life in modesty, live a life in love for other human beings, live a life where selfishness is a word of dishonesty to yourself, live a life where you help the less fortunate, live a life where you raise others and not think about yourself, because when you leave yourself behind, you will be exalted, you will lift yourself high beyond mundane things of the earth. Then, my friend, you will raise your spiritual self and beautify your soul to a bright light, a bright light that will shine upon the earth plane, and you will find God in his wisdom.

The treasure is within you. Heaven is within you. The kingdom of God is within you. Be a beautiful soul within the kingdom of God. God is love, and love is the key to his kingdom.

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