35. Your Mind is Reality


The universe is made out of energy, and to comprehend the nature of the universe you need to understand the science of quantum physics, you need to understand that the small quanta, the small subatomic particles, are the energies that your world and the universe as a whole consist of.

Your consciousness has an effect upon these small quanta, these small energy packets of electrons, protons and neutrons in the universe, and that universe is within you as well. You yourself are a universe, and that is reflected upon your world, how people perceive you, how they watch you, how you present yourself; your attitudes and behaviour. You see, your mind creates your own reality. When we turn to quantum physics, your scientists have explored the fact that by consciousness you can change reality as you perceive it in your world of matter. When they place an observer in an experiment to see how the electrons behave, they see that the waveform of the energy changes into matter just by observing, by applying their consciousness towards these energy fields, towards the electrons themselves. This may be weird and difficult for you to understand if you do not comprehend the basics of the universe, the law of quantum physics, as you have called this science.

In our world, in the world beyond, we see how our consciousness has an immediate effect upon our lives. We live in a creative world, and we apply nature’s laws in our lives. We can see the energy field and create this into matter, we can turn energy into matter, and that is what you have done in your scientific work on earth, when you have created the energy of electrons into matter by your consciousness in your research, and that is where you have the validation of the universal principle of cause and effect.

As you have from eastern mystics, science and spiritual teachers, reality has been said to be an illusion, and I can say this: that your world is of matter and this is what you have in your consciousness. The world you live in is as real to you as yourself, but in fact it is made of the same elements as in the world beyond, the elements of quanta, the elements of energy.

In our world, in the world beyond, we have many dimensions of life, many levels of consciousness, and when you are in one consciousness and cannot lift your eyes or adjust to a higher consciousness, then what you see is what you have in your conscious mind on this side of life, that is why you cannot attain to a higher vibration, to a higher consciousness, and you cannot see beyond your conscious mind, your mind is reality because that is what you perceive of your consciousness.

What you must understand is that your consciousness can change your world, change your world into love when you yourself become love, when your consciousness becomes the love of your Father. That is the supreme power of the universe that has given the quanta, the building blocks, the energies of the universe, its behaviour and its potential. But you with your conscious mind have the power to turn this energy into matter, into something that you can perceive, that you can observe with your physical eyes, as you have in the scientific research from quantum physics.

You are here on earth created by your Father, created by this force that can turn the energy into such a wonderful creation as yourself. He has made all there is, and he has made all of you, children of the earth. He has made your consciousness so you can perform the works of your Father on earth, so you can bring love and heal your world, so you can take the small quanta of energy and turn them into matter; into a kind smile, into a friendly behaviour, into charity, into love for your brothers and sisters on earth, for humanity and for Mother Nature.

The scientists of your world have a task to perform to give this knowledge to humanity, to bring forward the knowledge of reality, to bring forward the quantum theory and works that have been performed, because that will take part in the changing of your world into something better, a betterment of your world.

The people of religions need to observe what has been found in quantum physics, because that will heighten their understanding, their comprehension of life itself, why the law of cause and effect is in operation, why you are here on earth, why you have the power within yourself, the power of love, the power of God.

What a wonderful message we have for your world. We can tell you that your research has brought results that are closer to reality than you can know yourself at this stage of evolution. You live in a mechanical world, and we live in a creative world, we see instantly the action of our thoughts, because we create with our thoughts, as you do as well on the earth plane, but you are in a vibration where matter prevails, where your world is as solid as yourself, as your thoughts. Thoughts are substance, and thoughts are your measure for turning your energy into matter, thoughts of love brought to reality in your world so you can eradicate the suffering and despair on Planet Earth, so you can find peace and love among your neighbours.

Be part of God’s work, be part of his love. When you become one within his consciousness, then you have the power of love within yourself, then you can do wonders in your world, then you can heal your world, then you can lift your world to a higher vibration, to a higher consciousness that is of love, love for all, love for all children of the earth. Love is the power of the universe, and love is of God.

Quantum physics are there for you to understand life, for you to understand the next dimension of life. On the Bridge of Love we can manifest ourselves, because we can apply nature’s law, the law of quantum physics where we can change the energy into matter, where we can materialise and manifest ourselves by thought, by our consciousness, because we can turn the electrons, the neutrons and the protons into matter, the building blocks of life itself. When we manifest and commune with you on the Bridge of Love, we merely employ nature’s law, the law of our Father, the love for you and the love for our Father, because it is his hands that build the Bridge of Love, it is with his blessing that we can have communion on this bridge, this bridge where love prevails, where love is the bridge.

There is no death because we are ourselves the building blocks of the universe. We are ourselves energy that has manifested on earth, you and we are human beings made out of love, the building blocks of the universe, made by God.

Bring this knowledge to the children of the earth, to humankind so you can raise yourself towards your Father, towards his consciousness of love, so you can take part in our mission to bring the consciousness of heaven to earth.

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