35. Wisdom of the spirit


We, as spiritual beings, are part of God and have God within us the energy and the spirit of God. We are part of the universal consciousness, and when we raise ourselves spiritually, we are climbing towards God’s consciousness and his wisdom.

When you are on the earth plane, your spiritual body, your spiritual being, is clothed by your physical body. Your consciousness and your brain, that you are building up in wisdom, in the school of life where you are at present, become part of the universal consciousness, and this universal consciousness we seek within ourselves, to raise ourselves to acquire knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong, to see what has been made wrong, and that we in our presence can correct and make right, so we can enter the consciousness of God.

The wisdom of the spirit is individual for every spiritual being from the lowest knowledge to the supreme knowledge of God, because we are spirits on different levels of learning, on different levels of progress.

In the spirit world the wisdom that you acquired in the school of life on earth, you will meet again on this side of life. When you on earth achieved a life where you gave love, where you were knowledgeable about your inner being, where you saw that selfishness was the wrong path, where you saw a world in despair due to people’s wrongdoing, due to people’s behaviour, misuse of power, saw that the violence and war was totally wrong and that everything had to be solved in peace, and saw that to achieve peace within you had to raise yourself in the school of life on earth to a being with love for humanity, a being of tolerance, a being of light from God, a light that showed the way for others, then, my friend, you are on this side, in the spirit world, also a light for others to follow. You will continue with your learning towards the spirits that did not learn on earth and need to be raised on this side towards a better life.

You see, the power, the wisdom, you acquire on either side of life, but remember that the school of life on earth is where you are in a position to learn the most, because on earth you mingle with all different spirits, with different kinds of wisdom. In the spirit world you reach a place where you mingle with friends of the same level of spirituality, of the same wisdom. Here, you have to seek out to find spirits that need more wisdom, that need more learning.

It is easier to work and to influence when you are in your physical body, to make people see right from wrong, because the earth plane is the school of life. That is why in God’s wisdom there is need for souls to go back to earth to learn again, to have another opportunity, because God is just and fair. God is unconditional love, and as a child of God, you will have his love because he cares for you. You are never lost.

Reincarnation is God’s justice; it is love in his wisdom. That´s why we call the earth plane the school of life. When you have achieved the wisdom that you are supposed to learn on the earth plane: the wisdom of love for each other, the wisdom of unselfishness, the wisdom of charity, the wisdom of truthfulness to oneself, the wisdom that beautifies your inner being, so you can be a light within yourself, a light that can shine forth for others to follow, a light for the world. Christ showed the way, he told you that he was the Truth, the Life and the Light, because he knew the wisdom of the spirit, and we are spiritual beings that are here on earth to learn that we will never die because we are eternal beings. We are all one in the wisdom of God, because we are of the same spirit.

My friend, seek within yourself, because within you have a seed, you have a beauty that you have to nurture, you have to nurture the seed of the Almighty, and you nurture this seed by love, love for humanity, love for all living beings, love for Mother Nature.

You can be part of God’s consciousness; seek within and the doors will be opened. You will be helped and you will be guided with wisdom of the spirit. We are here to help you, to find the pathway towards God, towards love, towards the mightiest power in the universe, the power of love, the wisdom of love.

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