35. Meditation and Trance


When you read this, my friend, the medium is in Trance and the text is formed and given to him by my own conscious mind. I that give this message from the world beyond, I was once upon the earth plane as White Bear, and I come to the medium and take part of his aura so I can, by my own conscious mind, transfer my thoughts to his vocal organ using my own voice, personality and manner of speaking, enlightening you with the knowledge that I have acquired on this side of life.

The conscious mind of the medium is put aside, and it is my conscious mind that gives you this information. The medium is aware of the words spoken in this very moment of Trance, but after the next sentence, the medium has forgotten what has been said. He is in a position to know only fragments of words spoken. The medium records the message and writes the recorded message after the Trance session.

How does this come about? The medium has been through the school of life. He has, through a decade, been influenced and given knowledge from the spirit world. He has been studying and has been taught all that is required for his present state of Trance mediumship. It is a long road. It is not something that you can decide today and achieve to tomorrow. It will take years to develop you spiritually. You have to raise yourself for us to be able to approach you in such a manner as we now do with the medium, where we can balance our energy and take part of his consciousness and aura.

His mind and consciousness is set apart in this communication. We need to use his subconscious to forward our messages, but my own consciousness prevails. The medium has acquired a technique of meditation with a breathing exercise in a calm meditation form. The breathing creates a vibration, a friction in the larynx, and by this the medium leaves his thoughts and consciousness. When you master this breathing technique, you will be in a position to reach a level within yourself where you can achieve calmness of mind. In parallel you can focus on your third eye, and this, in combination with the vibration in the larynx, will enhance and raise your meditation where visions towards the spirit world emerge. You will, in time, be in a position where you can have contact with the spirit world, where you can meet your friends and loved ones within your mind, where you can listen to what has been said when you record your thoughts and messages. However, your reasoning and logic must prevail when you evaluate the communication that comes to you.

It depends on your spirituality what messages and information you can acquire from the spirit world, from the world beyond. So, my friend, first raise yourself in spirituality, fill your heart with love, send out love, pray for guidance, pray and be in communion with God, and let his hands carry you in your endeavours. That is the only pathway that will bring you to the light, to the bright light of love within yourself and in the world beyond.

I can say this to you, my friend, that this is a long road to travel. It requires an abundance of patience and you need to master the meditation before you can reach a Trance level that at the present moment, reading this passage, gives you enlightenment. But you have the capacity to reach the highest spirituality. You yourself can reach the highest. There is no wall that you cannot penetrate when you raise yourself in love, because love is the mightiest power in the universe, the mightiest power that you can connect yourself with. There is only one pathway and that is by love, that is by becoming unselfish, that is by raising yourself and giving love on your pathway wherever it takes you. That pathway must be painted in love. Paint yourself in love, paint your inner self in love, paint your whole being with this word of love, with this feeling of love, that you can give to the world and be a light for others to follow.

There are different levels of meditation and Trance, and you will find one that suits you because we are all different. We are all individuals that must follow our own path. Your third eye is the gateway, and you can start by focusing on your third eye. When you raise yourself in spirituality, you will feel that the third eye is connecting you. You will feel the slight pressure in your forehead when you meditate, and then you are connected. You are evolving within yourself, and your meditation is raising you. Within your meditation you will receive thoughts and influence when you climb the ladder of spirituality. You will receive guidance according to your spirituality. You are attracting spirits from the world beyond to yourself according to your level of enlightenment, and they will speak to your mind, to your consciousness.

When you receive enlightenment and speak words that are not from your own mind, then you are in a form of Trance, but this Trance can be of different levels. When you lose yourself completely, when you let others come first, when you make yourself unselfish, you will reach a state within where beings of higher spirituality may take over and let their consciousness prevail if that is your wish. Then you have a Trance level where you can receive the wisdom of God, where you can receive the truth of life, where you will be taught the wisdom of the spirit world.

Meditation and Trance communication is a creation by the Almighty Father. It is given to you for enlightenment, and it is given to you with the blessing from your Father in heaven, from God in love.

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