35. Hope for the Future


I have a dream, I dream to bring the wisdom of God, the love of your Creator, to the consciousness of you all as children of God, the human race.

I have a dream, a dream where your world becomes love, where you all find the truth of life.

I have a dream, a dream of love for your Planet Earth.

I have a dream, a dream of a world where war and cruelty are abandoned.

I have a dream, a dream for the future, and the future is now, that you all become aware of the world beyond and that there is no death, that when you leave your physical body on the earth plane, you live on as an eternal being, as a spirit of God.

My dream, my friend, is to create heaven on earth, where love predominates your life, where there is justice and a secure life for all, a life without poverty, where people share their resources, a world where you see yourself as one big family with the knowledge that God, your Father and Mother in heaven, is your Creator, is the love that he brought to the earth plane,

to his creation, so you could fulfil yourself, so you could raise yourself spiritually towards his love, so you all could find peace and happiness among yourselves. My hope is to see this dream come through, because my hope is my dream. Your hope for your life, for your future, is your dream, a life where you will find yourself, where you can find the love within yourself, so you can build heaven within, the treasure, the beauty of life.

On the Bridge of Love, you can find the truth; you can find your destiny, the light of love. On the Bridge of Love, you can see the wisdom, the truth, of your own being, the spirit of love that you are when you become one with God and his love. God erects the bridge; it is built by his hands of love, a bridge where there is a constant waterfall of purity, of truthfulness, of honesty and love. But, my friend, you will have to meet us in communion, in love, for attaining the blessing of our Creator. That makes the communion possible, that makes the communion into the beauty of life.

My friend, dreams are there for you to realise. Dreams start as a hope, and these dreams make your life wonderful because that illustrates the creative force that you have within your mind, the consciousness of love, when you see dreams of beauty come through, dreams of love, dreams of dear friends and loved ones that are not far from you, even though they have passed on to the world beyond.

I have a dream, a dream where the two worlds, the material plane and the world beyond, can be as one in the creation of love built by the hands of God, blessed by his love for all.

What a wonderful message we have for you, my friend. You can have your dreams fulfilled on the earth plane; you can create heaven on earth, where there is no war, where people share with each other, where people respect each other, where people love each other.

You, my friend, can take part in this mission, you can bring your love into this work, you can realise your dream on earth, the dream of a heavenly earth where love prevails. That is the dream of your Creator, that is your destiny, to create this beauty of love within yourself and in your world. Let your hope come into reality; let your dreams of love manifest themselves in your life. Let your dreams of love come into life. We in the world beyond, we are close by, and we bring our love to you all for you to find the wisdom, to have the knowledge of life, the truth of your self.

Let hope come into your life as a blessing from your Creator, as love from your heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. God is love, God is hope, and God is within you. Embrace his wisdom and turn yourself to his consciousness of love.

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