35. Blessed by God

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I am speaking to you, my friend,
I come to you with my wisdom,
The wisdom that I have acquired in my world,
A wisdom that is unknown to most people of the earth.
My friend, I come to you as a human being
That once lived upon the earth plane.

My parents raised me on the prairie,
I was raised in an Indian tribe and received the name White Bear,
I became the chief of the Lower Yanktonais,
That was my upbringing, my friend.

I speak to the world, to the material world,
I speak from the world beyond,
I speak from a world unknown to you,
A real life, another vibration, another life.

When I had accomplished my life on earth,
My physical self perished, my physical body,
But I myself was alive,
Alive in another dimension,
As real as yourself, more real, more alive.

God blesses this communion between our two worlds
When our communion is in love.
The Bridge of Love between our two worlds is built by the hands of God,
A communion in love.
God does not deny such a communion between his children,
God blesses this union.

Love is unbreakable,
Love is the power of the universe,
Love is of God.

The barrier between our worlds is human-made,
Made by egoism, by selfishness,
Conditions that are detrimental to a communion of love.
The barrier between our worlds is caused by Man’s foolishness,
By Man’s lack of knowledge,
By humans beings that do not know their own destination,
Their own origin,
Human beings that do not have the knowledge of life itself, the eternal life.

You are a spirit of God,
His hands made you,
You were made by God’s love for a life here on earth,
A wonderful life for you to acknowledge the truth within,
For you to see his revelations brought alive for your physical eyes,
All blessed by God, blessed by his love for you, for you all.

My friend, you do not need to wait until death, until your body perishes.
The communion is alive today,
Is given to you, is brought to you on the Bridge of Love,
Built by the hands of God, built by his love for his children,
A communion blessed by your Creator, by love, by God.

We are alive, my friend,
You cannot die,
You have an eternal life; you are a spirit of God,
A life, an eternal life, blessed by God.

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