34. Your Third Eye

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You yourself are a universe with a potential for connecting and opening yourself to the wisdom of God, the wisdom of the universe. Within yourself, atoms of the universe build you from the substance of the stars, from the elements of your periodic system, the elements of your world, the elements of the universe that you can observe with your physical eyes. When you raise your sight towards heaven above, towards the sun, all you see is made in the evolution of the universe, the evolution of every star, every star that is born and every star that has died and that is not visible anymore upon your sky.

You cannot see with your physical eyes the spirit world, because there are unseen dimensions that are beyond your sight, your sight with your physical eyes. But you have an inner sight, what you and we call the third eye. This inner sight is not of the physical kind, even though it is connected to your physical body, to your brain, to your Pineal gland, the small part of the brain that is formed like a small nut. Your third eye is a tunnel of light that goes through your head from your forehead. This tunnel of light is your gateway, your control centre, and part of your living force that you can extend to our world.

Now, how can your third eye be of such importance to your knowledge of yourself and of the worlds that are beyond your physical sight? It will not come to you if you do not raise yourself spiritually, and if you do not meditate in order to reach your higher innermost being. I say this to you: You can evolve, and you can raise yourself. You do this by meditation, by sitting in stillness, by raising yourself towards your Almighty Father, the universe and other dimensions of life. We from the other side of the veil, from the unseen world, will come to you when you raise yourself spiritually, when you seek the highest. We will help you to open your third eye, so you can extend your vision, so you can raise yourself in knowledge, so you can achieve the truth within yourself, the truth of life that you are an eternal being, that we that come to you are still alive and are human beings like you yourself.

When you achieve knowledge of your third eye, your inner alchemy, you learn how to connect yourself to the spirit world for visions of another dimension of life, with such beauties and with such colours that you yourself cannot achieve without your third eye, without connecting yourself towards the unknown universe, towards us.

When you sit in a meeting with friends, establishing contact with the spirit world, building the Bridge of Love, you will experience, after a while, that we from the other side, from the spirit world, will come to you and open your third eye. We will use your third eye, your control centre, to protect you, to control the flow of energy, the power of love within your meeting place, within your circle. You will feel a slight pressure in your forehead when you sense our presence. The third eye is the centre of communication with the spirit world. It is a control centre for your aura, for protection of yourself from negative energies. Your third eye will teach you to protect yourself from negative influence in your daily life and after a while it will be automatic because, as with everything else in life, your senses become automatic to you. You do not think before you see, you do not think before you listen, you do not think before you touch yourself, everything comes to you without effort, everything comes to you automatically, everything is built in to your brain, and so it is with your third eye. It is a sense that will, like your physical sight, like your hearing, be an automatic part of you, an automatic sense.

It is important when you develop your third eye and the sixth sense, as you may call it, that you fill yourself with love because the energy that you receive and transmit through your own control centre, your third eye, must be of love. You have to develop your spiritual self, so you develop your third eye in the direction of your Almighty Father and that is towards love. Raising yourself spiritually is of vital importance. Send love to others when you meditate, be unselfish in your daily life, be truthful to yourself, let honesty be your innermost behaviour and let it shine forth towards other human beings, and your third eye, your energy within, will be a bright light. We will energise you and pour love into your heart. You will attract to yourself souls from this side that will fill your heart with love and that will give to you what you give to others, and by this you will build up the treasure within yourself, the treasure of love that will give you peace of mind.

The people of the western world do not have the knowledge or the teachings of the third eye, but you can experience this force, this energy within yourself. It is not something that you have to believe in, it is something that you can sense. When you feel a slight pressure in your forehead you are connected, you have opened your third eye. Then the world beyond is open for your adventure. Then it is entirely up to yourself to meditate, to reach higher and open the gateways so you can see and know that you are part of the universe, part of God, part of the spirit world, and that you are an eternal being.

Your third eye is a wonderful creation by God. He created this light and gateway within yourself so you do not need to be isolated. He created your third eye so that you can feel and have the physical knowledge of the connection with your Creator, because we are all one, we are all children of God, and he, the good Father, has you in sight. Raise yourself spiritually, open your third eye and connect yourself to the world unseen, to your friends, to your loved ones that have passed on. They are alive, more real than you because they have the liberty to travel by thought. The physical body does not hamper them, and they know now that they are truly part of the universe and God, because their third eyes are themselves, they have become spirits. They have all truly become spiritual beings, the eternal creation of God. Meditate on your third eye, open yourself and take part in God’s wisdom.

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