34. The Key to Heaven


Heaven is an expression that has been used from ancient times, and is given to you in the scriptures, but you also see heaven above, the beautiful blue sky with white clouds sailing by, or with stormy weather where the sky is dark and the wind and the rain create unpleasant conditions outside. When the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the wind is calm and the temperature is comfortable, then heaven above is beautiful and is giving perfect conditions for your activities outside. However, both weather conditions are needed for your nourishment, for your life, to make your life perfect. So, my friend, heaven is regarded in different ways, dependent on whom you ask. When they say to you that heaven you have within, then that is from the scriptures, the heaven you can create by love, the heaven you one day will return to, the world beyond, the heaven of love, when you have accomplished your tasks, your mission on earth, because heaven within is transparent in the world beyond.

Your life here on the earth plane will determine your conditions, your consciousness, how you perceive life, how you perceive yourself, how you perceive the wisdom of life. Heavenly love is the beauty that you were given at birth as a seed from your Creator, the seed that keeps you alive here on earth, that made your physical being so you could attend to the earthly tasks, so you could have the vibration of the material plane, because you are a spirit that has eternal life, that is made by the Almighty Spirit. You are of this power, but you may ask: “How can people be of the same power when they do evil towards their fellow beings, when God, the power, is love?” Well, my friend, you came to this world to learn, you came to this world with your free will, and you have the passions of the earth, the nature of the physical self, and you are here to master these passions that hold you down. The passions of selfishness, greed, vanity, misuse of power, untruthfulness and dishonesty are there for you to raise yourself above, but if you do not see beyond the material life and you are caught by these passions, you may do evil actions towards other human beings and in turn towards yourself, because what you do unto others you do unto yourself.

You are here on earth to bring love, to create heaven within yourself, and the key to accomplish this is to give the love that you received from your Heavenly Father that you were created by, the love of the universe, the power of the universe itself, the power of God.

This source of life that you have within, the spirit of God, will never die, because there is no death, there is only a transition to the next world when you leave your physical body behind. At that moment, you will feel the same, you will feel you are alive in a body but with a different vibration, a different vehicle of expression, but you are yourself, you are your personality and you have your character. You are alive, and more alive than on the earth plane because you are born in your thought, in your own mind, and you will see that heaven, the mind that you made out of your life, became yourself, is reflected upon your being, your eternal self. Your mind is your heaven. The love of your Father, the oneness that you have brought to yourself in love with your Creator, is the beauty of life that you have created within, the treasure that you can nourish with kindness and friendliness towards your fellow beings. Bring love and create a charitable mind, a mind of patience and helpfulness, of unselfishness, a mind of truthfulness to yourself and others, because the truth will descend upon you in the world beyond where there are no secrets, where all is revealed. So, make sure, my friend, that you build heaven within yourself when you are alive in your physical flesh on earth, and love is the key to heaven. Love is all that matters. In love you have responsibility, justice, tolerance, kindness, friendliness, helpfulness and truthfulness, and they are there for you to employ on earth, for you to find the gateway within yourself.

On the Bridge of Love, you can meet us that have passed to the other world in love; it is built by the hands of God, erected by his love for you all. Come to us on the Bridge of Love and do not forget the key, the key of love to heaven, because it is through love that we can create communion, that you can open the gate to the world beyond, to heaven within yourself.

What a wonderful message we have for you, my friend. We have given you the key to heaven keep that key within your heart. Take care of that key and bring this key to your fellow beings so they can open up heaven within themselves, the heaven of love. Give the wisdom to your friends, to your brothers and sisters on earth, and you bring the truth of life to your world. That is a wonderful mission that you have, that you can perform, to bring God’s wisdom, the truth of life, to the earth plane.

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