34. Spiritual adventures


To seek and find God is the most wonderful spiritual adventure that you will ever have, that you will ever obtain and that is there for everyone to travel.

On earth, on the earth plane, when you live in the material world, and have not become aware of your spiritual being within, you ask yourself: Is there a God? – He does not show himself to me, you might say. Well, my friend, doesn’t he? How do you think that you yourself and your human life could exist, could come from nothing? You know you have your father and mother that gave you life, but what about before them and before them? There is an evolution to your state of being. The world and the universe have evolved through eternal time. Nothing is as yesterday. One minute ago is the past and there has been a change in your world, in your life, in the universe, even you don’t know this, because it is an evolution. Nothing comes with revolution.

The universe is expanding and so are you. You expand within yourself, because within yourself you have the spirit, the force behind yourself, and that force is of God. You would not be alive if you did not have this power behind and within yourself.

Look at nature. See how the flower expands and grows and becomes a beauty. You look at the flower when it is there in full blossom, and you ask yourself: How can this happen? Well, I can tell you this, my friend: the flower has in itself a force behind, the force inside itself. It started with a seed in the ground, raised itself towards the sun, towards the daylight, and how do you think this wisdom was part of the seed, was part of that flower? Nothing creates nothing. There must be a power behind all, human beings and Mother Nature. We on this side enjoy this spiritual adventure every day, because we see that our thoughts create instantly, because we have God within ourselves, we have the power from God the Almighty, because we are his children.

If you try and grasp the wisdom of God, you can just wonder because it is so vast, and it is not given to you before you raise yourself spiritually. You have to nurture the seed within yourself by love for your fellow beings, by love for Mother Nature, by unselfishness, by helping the less fortunate. This is what we do every day. We that have grown spiritually and know the wisdom of God, we know how we can raise ourselves towards the white light above us, the spheres, the powers, where spirits have raised themselves in love for the Almighty, in love for all human beings, in love for the consciousness of the universe.
We can travel to places in the spirit world whereto we have raised ourselves spiritually. It is given to you, it is within you, what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do, what you can do and what you cannot do on this side of life. As it is with you on earth as well, because it is given to you by God to differentiate between right and wrong. On this side of life, there are limits for everyone, limits that are not possible to cross. All is dependent on your level of spirituality, of your wisdom, that is given to you when you raise yourself, given to you by the Almighty.

Wisdom must come step by step. It is like climbing a ladder. The wisdom of God is an evolution for you to reach, and that is a wonderful spiritual adventure every day for us on this side of life, and you my friend, you can start on earth to acquire more and more wisdom by studying the sacred texts, the sacred books, because much good is written, and everything that is in love, given to you in love, is true. Everything else cannot be true, because God is love and that is the only religion on this side of life when you have reached God’s wisdom.

We travel to other spheres, other worlds and experience adventures of the spiritual kind in all its vastness of the spirit world. We can look back to ancient times and be part of that life when we so wish to learn and to study, to enjoy, and to have as leisure. Similarly, you can go to a theatre, view plays, watch movies, but here it is real to us.

We do not have space or time, and I know that must be difficult for you to comprehend. But if you can imagine that we can be at a certain point, a certain place, wherever we want to be, if that is in Australia or if that is on the North Pole, we can be there instantly. So there is no space for us. Our thoughts create where we want to have our being, our mind.

Time, we live in eternity, we have always been, and we will always be, so then what is time? When we come to earth, we are alert about time, but when we return to the spirit world, time is not there anymore, or we are not conscious of time, as you are conscious of time, but we have a mind that tells us where we want to be, and when we cooperate with you in your world, we are conscious of your time and place.

To know, to experience, our life in the spirit world, you need to meditate towards us. Then you will, in a way, comprehend how we live our lives. The spirit world is so vast, and there are so many opportunities, so many adventures that they are countless. It is your mind that gives your perspective, the opportunities and the sight for the adventures of the universe. All is there in your mind because you are part of the universal consciousness, you are part of God’s consciousness, and in this context adventures are without limit, limitless. You yourself are the master for your travel, for where you want to explore the beauties of life and God within yourself.

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