34. Our Journey


An eternal life,
An eternal wisdom,
An eternal universe,
An eternal journey,
Our journey.

Imagine, my friend, within yourself,
That you have an everlasting life.
Imagine that your life on Earth is a journey,
A material life, a material aspect of living.
Earth with all its passions,
Passions of love and hatred,
Passions of egoism, of vanity, of power over other people,
They are all there for you to learn, for you to master in life.

When you humble yourself,
When you see life in a perspective,
When you raise yourself high above,
And see all the cruelty and violence of your world,
The meaningless lives of many,
When you see all the suffering on your journey,
When you see all the wrong decisions that are made in your world,
That make so many difficulties for people,
That make so much suffering,
That make so many poor,
That make so many lives a disaster for your world, for them,
And for yourself,
When you see all this on your journey in this life
You will know that you came here to this world to care, share and love.
You came to a beautiful landscape, to a wonderful nature, to Mother Earth
That is of love, that was made out of love, a wonderful Creation of love,
As you yourself are a creation of God, but you are given free will
To make yourself beautiful or to make a disaster of your life.

Our journey has been given to us.
To fulfil ourselves in God’s Creation, God’s Creation of love,
Our journey,
A journey were we can enjoy nature, the flowers, the animals,
All in its beautiful colours, all in its coexistence,
Nature, animals, human beings.

A paradise was given to you on earth,
And people of the earth do not know themselves,
Many people that misbehave towards other people,
That leave emptiness behind themselves,
That do not leave behind the beauties of love
That they were meant to leave behind on earth.

My friend, learn from this wisdom on your journey,
It is a journey that we all have to accomplish,
Our journey to learn life, to respect the lives of your brothers and sisters,
One family, one journey for all on earth,
Many lives to learn life.

When you leave Earth, when your journey has come to an end,
Then make sure that you can look back on your journey with joy,
With peace of mind,
The love that you left behind for your brothers and sisters.

Make your journey on earth wonderful in God’s love, in God’s wisdom.

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