34. Give a Helping Hand


When you watch your world, its suffering and despair, when you see children being killed, when you see children asking for bread to sustain their lives, when you see their tears running down their cheeks, when you see the hopelessness in their eyes, then people of the earth say that what a terrible world this is, why is God not doing anything about it, why does God permit such cruelty to humankind? Well, my friend, God has given you all the beauties in life for you to find his love, for you to find yourself, because he made you to give love to your brothers and sisters. God does not interfere in your daily lives, but he has given you the hands to give of yourselves, to help the misfortunate, to help wherever you can, to be his hands on the earth plane. People of the earth have miscomprehended themselves, their mission on earth. People shout out, saying somebody must do something. Well, my friend, you are somebody, you are an individual on the earth plane that is here to bring forth the love from your Father, your Creator.

Everything you do with your hands that is of love, every small action in your daily life, is never forgotten, it is there as a trace of yourself. Let that body of yours be a beautiful poetry of love for the next generation so they can see that you gave of yourself, that you were a flower in your life, that you poured your love on your pathway and made a bright light for others to follow, for others to see the meaning of life, for others to find their true self, for creating a prosperous and healthy world for the children, for the next generation on the earth plane.

Make a change in your world. You can be that change. You can make a difference. But you might ask yourself: “How can I make a difference, when I am just me, when I can do so little?” My friend, everything you create with your mind, with your hands that are of love, is never forgotten, and it is part of changing your world into love. You are part of the mission to heal your world when you stretch your hands forward and give from your heart the blessing to your world, whether that is of material wealth, of love or both, but what you have to give of yourself, you can give, and everything counts, everything that you contribute with in your world counts. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Your small deeds, your small works for other human beings are not forgotten. It is in the book of life that is written in heaven, that is never forgotten. Everything is open from your world when you come to this side, every deed, every action, and you will be given what you gave to your world. Happiness is a measure of bringing love to your brothers and sisters, and that is the only true happiness that you can build up within yourself, the true love that you can give to your world.

Let the tears of the children, the tears that are running down their cheeks, turn into drops of hope, trust and a smiling face. Let your bread be sliced in such a manner that you can give to others as you give to yourself. The bread of life is both of the physical and spiritual kind. Be a light in the physical world and give the message of survival to your world. Tell your world that there is no death, that you all survive your physical body, that you are here on earth to learn and to give of yourself to your brothers and sisters, so you can create heaven on earth, so you can bring the love and the peace that you had with you when you were born. When you stretched your hands towards your parents at birth, and whispered in their ears that heaven is here for you on earth, and that you will make a change in your world, that you are here to make a difference. This is a message to all the parents on the earth plane. The love you give your children is paramount in their lives and for their mission to heal your world. Let the children find this love when they grow up and let them give of themselves. Let the children bring this love and this peace to the earth plane, and do not hinder them. They must be given the measures to fulfil themselves, to bring forward the love from you and their Father.

The earth plane today is in such a shape that the material aspect of living is thought of as the most important thing in life. My friend, it is the contrary, it is the spiritual life that matters, and when you find this truth within yourself, the material wealth and abundance of living will not be of interest, because it is of no value to you, it is only there to bring comfort and to sustain your physical body, to bring comfort to yourself and your family, your whole big family on earth. Seek the spiritual path that will give you the truth of life, so you can find happiness and peace within.

God gave you this world to find the love that you are made of. He gave you Mother Nature so it could reveal to you the truth, and he has given you technology and knowledge so you can find happiness in your material world, but you must not forget the spiritual aspect of life, that love is foremost and that you are here to share your resources, you are here to give a helping hand to all the children on the earth plane, because you are all children of God, no one is more important than the other, all are of the same, the same importance.

Remember this, my friend, when you slice the bread and before you put the piece of bread in your mouth, be sure that you have given of yourself so you can say that you earned this bread, that you shared with others, you shared with your brothers and sisters so you with love in heart can say to yourself that I made a difference, that I made a change to the world for the better. See, this is your mission on earth to make a difference, to make a better world, and you can all make a difference with your love for your fellow beings, whether that is just to give a helping hand to one person, less fortunate than yourself, or to bring charity to all.

You must start in one place, and start right here today, with one of your fellow beings that you feel you need to give a helping hand. Then you have made a difference, my friend, then you have made the change that your world needs. You have brought love to a fellow being. Isn’t that wonderful, isn’t that a wonderful thought that we share with you, because we are here as a helping hand from God? We are humble messengers of God that bring you the wisdom of life, that want you to find and have love in your heart. We want you to heal your world so you can have heaven on the earth plane. We have a mission my friend, and so do you. You have your physical hands on earth to bring the love that your Father gave you. And we will help you, we will give you good advice. We will follow you. You are not alone. You will have angels following you on your pathway when you have a bouquet of flowers, a bouquet of love in your arms that you want to share, that you want to plant in many gardens that will bring beauty to children, men and women, to your brothers and sisters.

Do not let your life be in vain. Make your life into something beautiful. Make your life into a wonderful change of your world; make your life into loving hands, the loving hands of your Father.

God made you to give a helping hand on earth. Bring those hands to the children of the world, and wipe their tears away, give them a hug and bread so they can find love and happiness in their lives. Let love prevail in your heart for everyone, that is your heaven within yourself that you will find on this side of life as reality, the love that you gave, that you became part of, the love of God.

Let your hands be like a butterfly that kisses all the flowers in your world, all the small faces in your world, that are like flowers in the eyes of the spirit, the spirit within, the spirit of God. When you become love yourself, you become the hands of God on the earth plane that are there to heal your world, to bring love to all the children in your world, the children of God.

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