33. My love for you


Nature gives you love,
Mother Earth is love,
The Creation that gave you life is of love,
God is love.

God says to you:
My love is for you,
My love for you to evolve,
My love for you, my child.

All has been given to you on Earth
To sustain life,
To acknowledge the wisdom of love,
A wonderful Creation brought to you.

It is God’s love that you can see with your physical eyes.
You, as a human being, the human nature,
Watch yourself, all the senses that are given to you for you to see God’s love,
Watch the Creation in all its varieties,
A wonderful communion between human beings blessed by God,
Blessed by his love.

My love for you,
For you to find love amongst you, for you to care and share,
That is God’s wisdom,
That is God’s love, that is God’s unconditional love for you, my friend,
My love for you, God’s love for you,
Given to you unconditionally, the good parent that never leaves you,
The good parent that will always try to give you the right path in life.
But you have your free will,
Let that be God’s will, the will of love, your path in life.

God says to you:
My love is for you,
You, my child that I gave life on Earth,
A new life, to bring your innermost being alive,
Filled with my love for you to reveal my love,
For you to care and share, for your brothers and sisters on Earth,
My love for all, your love for all.

Never doubt your Father’s love for you, God’s love for you all,
Even though life is a struggle,
Even though your tears are of sadness,
Even though your tears are for your world,
A world that is filled with hatred, inequality, cruelty,
Human-made; not God’s work,
God’s Creation is but love,
Let his love be your love,
My love for you.

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