33. Mother Nature

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Nature in itself is overwhelming, but we are blind when we don’t see the wonderful creation, when we take things for granted. Look at the beautiful flowers around you, beautiful flowers that are coming back every season, trees that lose their flowers, their leaves and, when the spring is there, they start to shoot and then bloom during summer. The grass, the green grass does not need much to keep its colour. The animals that are fed by the nature, they sustain and prosper with the seeds from the Almighty. The birds that find a place where there is food travel long distances, knowing exactly where their destination is, where to go to find nutrition, but they are always coming back to their origin.

You see, everything is provided for. The sun and nature are in balance. The sun provides the vitamins and the light that are so important for life to prosper. The sun is the master that provides for the rain, the seasons, the circulation from ocean to the clouds in the sky. Be careful with your nature, as you yourself would be with your child.

When you explore and find fossil energy, be careful so you don’t leave behind empty spaces that can cause fractures and that in turn can cause earthquakes and catastrophes to humankind. Be aware of the climate, be aware of the circulation that is needed for the earth’s wellbeing. You have a responsibility to Mother Nature. There is a power that runs Mother Nature and you are part of that power, because you can influence the nature by how you treat your Mother.

Your Father in heaven and Mother Nature is one in all its beauties. All is given to you, but you have a responsibility for care, for sustaining the beauties that were given to you, that are part of yourself.

Show moderation; find solutions to the natural resources of the earth. Find the energy that will sustain and let the earth prosper for the generations to come. Be watchful with your behaviour towards nature. Nature wants you to cooperate, wants you to love her, and in love you show kindness, you show moderation and you show care.

Let Mother Nature interact with the beauty that you have within yourself, within your spiritual being. So, when you look back on earth, when you leave this planet, you can say to yourself: Mother I cared for you, I loved you, I gave you all my love and I still love you. You and I are one. We are one for eternity.

On this side of life, Mother Nature is transparent. You have within you, within your mind, what you gave back to nature on earth. You behaviour towards nature will manifest within yourself, and that is the nature that you will receive when you come to this side.

Here we have beauties without description; flowers, trees, birds, animals, rivers, valleys, the nature that you admired on earth. A beautiful rose, a wonderful tree with spectacular colours, rivers with fish, oceans with all the creations of the earth, all given to you by the Almighty, all part of Mother Nature, you will have here on this side of life, in all their beauties.

Think it over, there is in your power all that you can contribute with to sustain nature, to sustain the beautiful planet of earth that you are part of.

It is your Father, your wonderful Mother Nature. See yourself in that picture. What you do to Mother Nature, you do unto yourself.

Let love reign over Mother Nature.

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