33. Love from God

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Most people have a religious belief and they look upon heaven as a place where there is grace, where there is love, where they will be united with God. My friend, heaven is within you, heaven is the love that you bring to your world. Heaven is the treasure of love that you can find within. Yes, my friend, there is an afterlife, where you can be in oneness with your creator, with God. In the spirit world there are many spheres and the heaven that is built in love is where you will find yourself if you have love within.

When you come to this world you will see that what you made out of your life on earth, you reap on this side. You attract to yourself spirits that you feel inclined to be in the company of, and that may give you conditions that are not necessarily what you term heaven, a heaven of love. Because when you have found love within, you have cast aside the passions that hold you down on earth, passions like selfishness, greed and vanity, passions that you are here on earth to master, to raise yourself above in love for your brethren, your brothers and sisters, your family on earth.

The fountain of love from God is always pouring the bright clear source of life upon you, and you can abide in this glory, in this wonderful truth, the love from God on the earth plane, because it is there as a wisdom for you to find. That wisdom is love, love for all, because you are all children of the same Creator. When you have found this wisdom, peace of love imparts and it becomes a natural part of you. This love will change your physical self into the truth of life. You yourself can be a light of love. You can show the way and become the truth. That love is of God, and that love is brought to you when you turn yourself to your Creator.

There is a hymn that is known to you through weddings or services in prayer to your Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother the source of life itself. This hymn is called ‘Love from God’. It is a beautiful hymn brought to you for you to have the fountain of love in your heart. The medium that I am now speaking through is fond of this hymn, this tune that gives you peace within when the words touch your heart, the words of love from God. I am sure that the medium will be delighted to enclose this song in the text that is brought to you in this chapter. Love from God is poured into your heart when you turn yourself to this fountain of his, towards his love for you, for you all.

Bring this love that you have within to your fellow beings, to your brothers and sisters on earth, and you will build up heaven within yourself that will be transparent in the world beyond, the heaven of love, where your Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Mother abide, the kingdom of love, because, my friend, God is love. This consciousness of love can be yours on the earth plane when you are still in your physical flesh. You can reach for this source of light and have this within your heart and then peace will impart, a peace that can only be obtained through the wonderful love of your Creator, the supreme peace of mind.

God is unconditional love. Let him be your master in life, let his will be done, and his will is love, love for all. Bring this to your world, the truth of life, and the love from God.

Peace be with you, and God bless you, my friend.

Love from God, our Lord
Kjærlighed fra Gud by J.N.L. Schjørring, 1854 The text was translated by J.C. Aaberg, 1945
The tune to this hymn was written by J.P.E. Hartmann in 1876.

Love from God, our Lord, Has forever poured
Like a fountain pure and clear.
In its quiet source,
In its silent course,
Does the precious pearl appear.

Love from God, our Lord,
Comes with sweet accord Like a pure and lovely bride.
Dwell within my heart,
Peace from God impart,
Heaven does with You abide!

Love from God, our Lord, Has to men restored
Life and spirit from above.
Who in love remains,
Peace from God obtains;
God Himself is ever love.

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