33. Building the Bridge


My friend, how can you build a Bridge of Love? There is a force in the universe. This force is the mightiest power there is and this force is love, the power of God, because God is love, God is unconditional love. There is only one way to build the Bridge of Love, and that is by the hands of the Almighty Spirit, through the power of your Father in heaven.

You live in a material world, where you have a physical body that camouflages your spiritual body, the seed that was given to you at birth, the spirit within given to you by God. When you have nurtured this seed with love, love for your fellow beings, you raise yourself in spirituality, and you can by this become a construction worker on the Bridge of Love. Building the bridge requires patience because it is of such a structure, of such a power that is given to you in small portions for your own spiritual growth, as it is with everything else in nature. Everything starts from the smallest atom that acquires partners to grow to a molecule, and it expands and become a seed, a seed of love from your Father, a seed that you cannot see with your physical eyes, at first, but when it is growing with the aid of the mould and sun, nurtured by your Father’s hands, it raises itself towards the sunlight and you will see its beauty coming up from the ground. It raises itself to such a beautiful creation that you sometimes become numb and just wonder, and cannot comprehend how the world around you can become of such beauty, a beauty that you yourself have been made of. Everything in nature, within the creation of God, has its own pace and time for growth and so it is with the Bridge of Love.

My friend, how can you establish contact with the unseen world? I can say this to you: The Almighty Spirit has given you tools, and they are given to you when you seek, when you approach the unseen world in love. You are in the material world with a potential to bridge the worlds, the spirit world and the earth plane. There are many roads to follow, but the far easiest for physical manifestation is the Ouija board, a board with letters of the alphabet for questions and answers. Now, there are spirits of different spirituality in the spirit world as it is on the earth plane. Some spirits will deceive you and take pleasure in such enquiries towards the spirit world. So, before you sit, you make a written request towards your spirit guide, your guardian angel, let us say a week in advance, before the sitting. Your spirit guide will listen and take precautions. Then, when the day has come, you find a calm and quiet room where you can sit in stillness with your friends. Never sit alone with the Ouija board. You put a glass on the Ouija board, put your fingers slightly on the glass and let the glass move towards the letters, forming words that answer your questions.

You ask questions for advice of a spiritual character and questions for preparing the Bridge of Love, because beings that have reached higher spirituality will not answer questions that are for monetary gain, questions that will only open the door for frivolous spirits. My friend, when you seek the highest, when you send your prayers to God before you sit and ask for protection and guidance, then you will have the company of higher spirits, and they will create a guardianship with a wall of love within your meeting place.

When you sit with your friends, you may ask for your loved ones, for your friends that have passed on. By this you will create an atmosphere within the séance between our two worlds that is of love, and that is a prerequisite for having communication with the spirit world. You attune yourself with us, with higher spiritual beings, with an atmosphere of love and spirituality. When you have been guided with answers to your questions, you end with a prayer to God in thankfulness.

If you feel that you are misguided, you leave the table. Always sit with a friend, or with friends, never alone. For raising yourself, you sit in love, you sit in humbleness, you sit with your reasoning and logic, and everything that is given to you must be according to your reasoning. It is similarly when you sit with friends of the physical flesh, you use your reasoning and will not be deceived. This is one of many roads for communication with the spirit world, but it can be the first step to receiving knowledge and having the name of your spirit guide, of your guardian angel, that will look after your communication.

Be acquainted with your spirit guide and pray for protection of your circle, for being kept within the hands of the messengers of God, in the name of your Father in heaven. When you have reached this level where you have communication with the Ouija board, you can move on to sit for physical manifestations of the table itself. The table can be vitalised and raise itself from the floor and answer questions by giving thuds, one thud for ‘yes’, two thuds for ‘no’, three thuds for ‘maybe’ and four thuds for ‘don´t know’. Then you will see the power that we can create by love, in the meeting between our two worlds.

When time passes on, and it may take years, you may receive spirit lights, but this requires a darkened room because then we are working with such subtle energies, it is difficult to combine our energy for physical manifestation with the light from your world. We can, by our own energy, by the power of love from our Father, create the energy of light within the séance room, the meeting place. These blue lights will come to you, and you will be able to see them with your physical eyes.

We will select a medium among you that will have the necessary living force that can be exuded from the physical body. This living energy can be used for creation of a voice box, a replica of your physical voice organ. We construct this in the midair, and talk to you as we did on earth. Then, you can truly speak with your family and friends that have passed on. But I can say this to you, my friend, that it may take years to develop as it is with everything else in your world. You have to attend school to learn a profession. It will take years to receive all the knowledge for becoming a surgeon, for becoming a physician, for becoming a teacher. It will take years, and so it will in the meeting place between our two worlds, for creating the right conditions for communication. When we can manipulate the living force, and create a voice organ through the Ectoplasm, the living force of the medium, we will be able to speak to you. As we will when we have reached and climbed the ladder towards materialisation, as Christ did for his friends when he returned as a discarnate being. He also used the living force from his friends, from his disciples. There were mediums among them that exuded this living force so he could materialise, so he could show himself in materialised form, so he could speak to them, so he could show to them that he was still alive. Christ was a medium as you know from the scriptures, where he and his friends gave the living force to the materialisations of Moses and Elijah on Mount Hermon.

He and his friends went into Trance and gave the opportunity for discarnate beings to materialise themselves, because they are still alive. We are alive in the spirit world, because we can never die. We are eternal beings, and so are you my friend. You are an eternal being. You came to the earth plane from the spirit world to learn in the school of life on earth, and you will someday return to the spirit world, with another experience and hopefully with a higher degree of spirituality. That is your mission on earth: to raise yourself and to help other human beings to raise themselves towards God, towards the wisdom of the universe, towards his love.

When you sit and have established a circle and a meeting place where you sit with your friends, you may have established such an energy of love within yourself and within the atmosphere of your friends, that you may go into Trance where we can direct our speech to your own voice organ and have an opportunity to forward messages from the spirit world. We come to you when you are prepared for Trance, when you and your spirit guide have found the energy, the mutual platform where you can be an instrument and a channel for messages from the spirit world.

Trance will be helpful before you reach materialisation of the voice organ or materialisation of human form because, my friend, this work needs patience. It may take many years to have the opportunity for materialisation to take form. You see, the seed in the ground has a clock within that tells the inner atom of the seed when to start its growth, when to raise itself towards and beyond the mould and towards the sunlight, and so it is with you, your inner self, the beauty that you have within, the seed that was given to you at birth. It needs nurturing before it can grow, it needs the nurturing of the spiritual kind, and when it raises it will know the time and its own pace before it can give the beauty, the creation of the Almighty Father within the physical sphere.

Materialisations are real because they are a gift of God to humankind, so you can know that you are eternal beings, that we are still alive when we pass on to the spirit world. There is no death and the Bridge of Love will show you, will give you the truth of life. You do not have to believe in an afterlife, you can know the truth of life. You yourself can find the truth on the Bridge of Love that is built by love, a true creation by God.

Before you enter into such a construction, you need to fill your heart with love, you will have to give love and help other beings, you will have to leave selfishness behind, you will have to raise yourself towards the Almighty Father, you will have to be truthful to yourself, you will have to be honest with your innermost being, you will have to live as a light for others to follow. Christ showed the way, he said: “I am the truth, the light and the way”, and yes, that is the truth. He showed the way, he gave you the opportunity to unfold yourself, your spiritual self. He also said: “You shall do the works that I do, and greater works you shall do”. Christ told you that everything is possible. He gave you the light, and he showed that life is for eternity. He told you that “before Abraham was, I am”. He was an eternal being, and so are you. You have God within yourself. He has given you the seed that you have to nurture. Raise yourself my friend, raise yourself and seek God. Heaven is something that you create within yourself, the treasure that you will build within and that you will never ever lose. It is the only treasure that you can bring along when you leave the earth plane. Be sure that the treasure is built of love, as it is with the Bridge of Love. The Bridge of Love can be your treasure, the bridge that you someday will walk over and meet God.

The Bridge of Love is a treasure in life, a precious treasure. Behold this treasure within your heart. Let it be part of your own temple within yourself, within your own spirit, within your own beauty, the treasure of love.

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