33. Bring Comfort to the Bereaved


In your family on earth, children are born and old people are passing on to the world beyond. In the nature, the flowers and the trees are blooming in the springtime and have their decay in the late autumn before the winter comes and covers your ground with snow and ice. Imagine, my friend, the solar system with its surrounding planets, and one of them your wonderful blue planet, the earth that you live on, that you experience with such beauties. You know that other planets in your planetary system are not of such a kind, are either of ice or desert, and that has to do with your perfect position in relation to the sun, to that wonderful creation that brings you warmth and nutrition for your planet, and the right temperature for you to enjoy Mother Nature, for you to enjoy yourself and your human family. But as with you, so it is with the solar systems in the universe, there is birth and there is death, but that death is only in the physical dimension. The sun will someday end its life but, my friend, it is beyond your comprehension of time, it is far away and that is so with the universe as it is infinite, and as it evolves, it creates new solar systems, gives new birth to new stars and new planetary systems, it is a neverending evolution.

You, my friend, are a spirit, an eternal being, and you can never die, you are of God and you were created out of love, because love is the power of the universe, the power of God. When you see friends that pass on to the world beyond, that leave their physical flesh behind, they are as real as yourself, they are standing just by their body and, with the knowledge they have, they are baffled by this situation, because there they are looking at themselves, their dead body, but at the same time feeling alive. They have to touch themselves, their spiritual being, to see that they are as real as their physical body that they have left, but they are of the spirit world, they are of another vibration, they are in the world beyond. They are a replica of their physical body. My friend, most people do not comprehend that they have passed on to the world beyond at their first sight. When they are met by people that they love from the past, a grandmother, a grandfather or others they were close to, that have the vibration of love that they can feel attuned to, they will see that there is no death, that people that they had known on earth are still alive, people that can show them the way to the light of love.

When you have to see a little child pass on to the world beyond, you feel the sorrow, you feel the sadness, you cry tears of love for this child that you love so much, that you did not want to go from this physical world. I can assure you that the child is taken care of and receives the love that your world cannot comprehend. The child will feel and have the love from God in its heart when it comes to this world. Do not be bereaved; do not feel deprived of this loss, because the child was supposed to go to its Father at this moment in time. When you cannot understand, when you cannot perceive, that your loved ones, your friends, are going too early from this earth plane, you must stretch your hands of love towards heaven and give them a kiss, tell them that you love them and that you know that they are right there in your hands. They are so close to you, so much nearer your heart than they have ever been before. My friend, that is real, that is the truth of life, because they do not go anywhere; they can be called by your thoughts when you feel the love for them, and they will be with you instantly, they will be with you and give you comfort, they are there for you in love. The bond of love can never be broken, where there is love, there is joy, there is happiness, there is beauty, and that bond is of God, because God is love.

There is no death. When you know this you know that your friends and loved ones are alive, that they listen to you, that they try to bring their thoughts to you, thoughts of comfort and knowledge. They try to give you peace of mind, and try to tell you that they are alive. They give you hints, they give you signs that all of a sudden come to you as a whistle of a bird or as a butterfly that comes to your sight, and at the same time the thought of a dear friend or loved one comes to your mind, then my friend you have a connection, you have been given the sign that they are there, because we as spirits can influence the animals, we can influence the whistling of the birds, we can have the birds sing beautiful tunes for you, we can influence the flight of the butterfly. Watch the beautiful butterfly when it flies hither and thither kissing every flower on its pathway. Listen to the beautiful singing of the birds and have them in your thoughts when you send your love to your dear ones that you have been deprived of as physical beings, but that are still with you as spiritual beings.

The soul can never die because you are of God, you are a spirit of the Almighty Father. If you did not have this spirit within yourself, within your physical flesh, you would not be alive. This spirit keeps you alive on the earth plane so you can find your true self, so you can evolve and find the love that you were given by your Father at birth, that you were born with. Let this love come to the surface of yourself. Become love yourself. Then you become one with your Creator. Love is the connection to your dear ones in the spirit world. Love is what makes you and the spirit connected.

On the Bridge of Love you can find the truth, the truth of life. You can have communion with your loved ones, with your friends, that have passed on to the world beyond. On the Bridge of Love everything is possible when you come in love. When you search in love you will truly find, because that is nature’s law. On the Bridge of Love you can see for yourself that your loved ones and friends are still alive, because they can communicate with you, they can tell you how it is on the other side of the veil, but you have to walk this bridge, you have to give of yourself to find this treasure in life. God gave you the Bridge of Love, so you could wipe away your tears and turn them into love, into a smile, a smile of love towards your brothers and sisters on the other side. God’s hands are building the Bridge of Love when you come yourself in love, when you want to have the communion with your dear child, your dear wife, husband, brother and sister that have passed on to the world beyond.

Bring comfort to the bereaved. You yourself can give the truth of life; you can be a light and show the way for others, you can tell you brothers and sisters that there is no death, that you know that there is no death, that the physical body is merely a vehicle for you to travel the earth plane, this journey of your world. You can tell them about the Bridge of Love, where they can have communion with their dear ones, so they can have the comfort of knowing they are in good hands and that they have a wonderful life, a life that they created by their own effort and love for your big family on earth. Love is the key to find the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of love. Love is the key to build the Bridge of Love where you can find peace and tranquillity, where you can find the truth of life itself. So, my friend, you do not need to be sad, to be bereaved, for the loss of your friends and loved ones because they are still alive in a world much more real than your world that you live on at this very moment in time. God gave you this life on earth to find the truth of life, to evolve, to find your true self, to heighten your spiritual self, so you could experience the material life, its passions, its joys and sorrows so that you could find the love for your family on earth and the love from your Father that created you and all there is.

What a wonderful message we have for you, my friend. There is no death and your friends and loved ones are still alive. Let your thoughts of love meet their minds and they will come to you and bring you comfort. Bring comfort to the bereaved.

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