32. Safety Precautions


When you go to a physician, you know that the physician has had a long education, many years of studying, many years of practicing, and you know that a good physician will examine you with caution and take all considerations into their examination before they give you a prescription for a medication that will handle your illness. If you have a feeling that something is wrong with a particular part of your body, and when this is beyond their field of competence, they will send you forward to an expert that has further education and training for such body parts.

The physicians of the earth have acquired the knowledge that your physical body is so complex, so intricate, that they have to specialise within separate fields of your body, within this universe of yourself, and so it is with other occupations on earth as well. You need education and practice before you can act as a professional, and mediumship is no exception. As with all professions within human care, you need to be precautious, you need to have education, you need to study, you need to have the necessary training and practice before you can give any qualified advice to your fellow beings.

My friend, it sounds so simple to contact the spirit world, and to create the Bridge of Love. But you have to be cautious because you are entering a world where you, similarly to the physician who cannot see and know everything within the body, cannot see the hidden world with your physical eyes. You have to examine the spirits that are trying to communicate with you. You have to know who is there. You have to prepare yourself, to question the spirits, to know that they are who they claim to be, that they have the spirituality and the love within themselves that you are seeking, because there are spirits of different spirituality. There are good spirits, that have raised themselves spiritually, and there are undeveloped spirits, spirits of low spirituality, spirits that may deceive you, that may give you wrong advice.

To achieve communication with good spirits, with spirits of higher spirituality, you will need to study spirituality and you will need to start from the first class raising your spirit, and you raise yourself by leaving selfishness behind, by filling yourself with love that you share with other fellow beings. You raise yourself by casting aside your vanity, greed and need for power, and you raise yourself by cultivating love and honesty. Be truthful to yourself foremost, seek God and send your prayers to your spirit guide for guidance. Your spirit guide is your guardian angel that is watching over you in your endeavours to reach higher, but your spirit guide needs your cooperation, discipline and patience, because undeveloped spirits are all around and when they have a chance to influence you with their interests and their frivolous thoughts, they might do so.

You are your master. You have your free will, and you have to build the strength within yourself. You do this first of all by studying spirituality, because you have to raise yourself in spirituality to be a good medium, to give good advice to yourself and other human beings.

I say that these are the precautions before you make any contact with the spirit world, before you even think about building the Bridge of Love. When you raise yourself in spirituality, you nurture the seed of God that you received at birth, you raise yourself towards your Father in heaven, and you have the knowledge of the dangers of the spirit world.

My friend, on earth you have good people, and you have undeveloped human beings that you would call bad people. Now, when you walk into a park at night, you use your reasoning and take your precautions, because you do not know who is in the darkness, and therefore you walk with other people that give strength as a group. In that manner you protect yourself and you can walk into the park and know that you are safe.

So it is when you arrange for a meeting with the spirit world. For mental mediumship you can sit in daylight. For physical mediumship darkness must prevail, similarly to the condition of a child that develops in the womb of the mother before the child can see the daylight at birth. When you make contact with the spirit world for physical mediumship, you do not sit alone in darkness, because when you sit with other human beings, building the Bridge of Love, you are taking precautions similar to walking in the park with other people for your own safety. That is the way to achieve a safe communication between our two worlds. When you sit in daylight for mental mediumship, you can sit alone because then the daylight is your protection.

In your daily life you take safety precautions, and so it is when you make a contact with the spirit world. It is not different. You have people of the earth that you do not want to approach and do not want to speak to, because you have your free will and you approach the people you want to be in communication with, and so it is with communication towards the spirit world. You have free choice and free will.

If you do not fulfil the precautions that we advise you to take before entering into communication with the spirit world, we recommend you abstain from any contact with this unseen world, because then it will not be a safe undertaking when you do not know who you are in communication with. It is similar to the physician that does not have the necessary training and practice within a special field. Then, we do not recommend you approach such a physician because they have the potential to give you the wrong advice.

Extensive study of spirituality is a prerequisite for mediumship, for establishing the communication line between the earth plane and the spirit world. The more you can raise yourself, the further you will reach in the spirit world among beings of higher spirituality. Seek God, pray for assistance, and establish a safe communication between our two worlds. Then you may enter into communion on the Bridge of Love where you can build the bridge with the hands of your Father in heaven, a bridge of pure love, and love is the power of the universe. Then, my friend, you are in the safe hands of your Almighty Father.

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