32. Leisure

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One day I went out to a very sacred place for myself. I found a place under a tree in full bloom, a tree in the hillside with beautiful green grass and flowers of different colours, flowers that you would call sunny flowers, white and yellow. I was sitting there with my dog that I had a special relationship to on earth. I had brought a book along, a book about adventures in the spirit world. I can feel and smell the odour of the grass and the flowers around me, and it fills me with joy and love in heart. I raise my eyes and see the flowers above my head in the tree and the blue heaven above. What a wonderful creation by God.

Well my friend, to my book. Adventures are part of our leisure activities on this side. The dog is lying just beside me, stretching his legs, and enjoying his time, just resting. He looks at me, and we understand each other. Yes, we are comfortable, we are so well, and we are at peace with ourselves. When I turn the pages in the book, I see a picture of a sphere where the surroundings are what you would call from the ancient times in Rome. The picture becomes alive and suddenly, I am there. People enjoying themselves, trade with carpets, trade with vegetables and fruit, artists are building sculptures and children are playing. I am walking downside by a river, beautiful trees, and people in different garments in different colours, horses passing by with their trolleys. My mind returns me to my book. I turn the pages and I see myself on the prairie where I grew up with my parents, the picture of my own people. I read about my ancient people living on the prairie. I am part of the play, of the history. You can read the book on this side in a much more real way than what you experienced on earth, where you in a way also became part, in your thoughts, of the book, forgot about yourself, and were part of the play, watching, observing within your mind. Well, my friend, that’s how we perceive reading as well, but it is more real to us.

I receive a message from a friend who asks me if I would like to attend a concert, a concert between friends that suddenly emerged. We travel by mind, and my dog and I concentrate our minds towards our friend, and we are there. The ensemble are preparing themselves, and it is a classical music mode of the spiritual kind. We are many gathered to enjoy the music. It is like an atmosphere that is descending upon us with calmness, with inspirations from above. The music they are playing fills us with peace in heart, different plays, a ballad, a waltz, a piano play. Nocturnes by Chopin, yes, the great composers still compose, and we enjoy their work.

The concert is coming to an end, and my dog and I join my family for a gathering. We have a nice place in the countryside, with beautiful trees, flowers, rivers and a beautiful house where we enjoy being together, as you do on earth when you have a family gathering. We enjoy our company, sharing experiences, chatting, and are together in love and harmony. We enjoy each other’s company, and we love each other.

Education is part of our leisure activities. When we have obtained a special background, a special proficiency, we teach others, but everything is organised. If you will attend a course, or attend a school of learning, it is organised on this side as it is on your side.

My friend, you can take all the leisure activities that you have on earth, activities that are joyful and that you love, with you to this side of life. You will enjoy so much more here because there is no hindrance for you to attend. It is only your own priorities. It does not cost you any money. Here everything is free. Here everything is provided for in love for you to enjoy, for you to prosper, for you to raise yourself further spiritually.

We have the beautiful nature as you have on earth, and it is more real. There is no decay in the nature. Everything is perfect, everything, because the nature here is made by thought, and we want everything perfect. It is only the mind of the individual that can make their surroundings imperfect, a mind that is disturbed by misconduct, by selfishness, by hatred, by cruelty towards other living beings. Live a life on earth in love for other living beings, in unselfishness, help others wherever you can and you build up the treasure within yourself, the mind that builds your surroundings on this side of life. The beauties of nature are transparent, and all is there for you in its beauties on this side of life.

Leisure is part of our spirit life, a major part as it is on your side, but here all the work we do, we do in love. We do the work because we love to help others, to contribute to the whole. Then, work becomes leisure as well. It is the same on earth. See, my friend, it is not much different, and when you enjoy a leisure on earth, you can bring this leisure with you to this side of life.

Children play all that they enjoyed on earth because when children pass over to this side, they continue their leisure activities and grow up. They expand their capabilities due to the fact that on this side their thoughts create instantly. If you can imagine in your mind that you can create and there it is, then you get a picture of how things are appreciated in the spirit world. It is another world, but nothing is lost from the earth plane, it has just been added. When you have completed the school of life on earth, we have so much more that you will enjoy one day.

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