32. I Am Sorry

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Don´t cry, my friend,
Let your thoughts of sadness melt away by my love for you,
Let your tears find the truth of life,
Let your tears turn into butterflies,
Beautiful colours,
Watch your tears flying hither and thither
From tree to tree, flower to flower, in the Creation of God,
The Creation of love.

Don’t be sad, my friend, find joy in nature, find joy in life,
Find the love that you were given at birth,
The seed of love that you have within, that keeps you alive.
My friend, learn from your mistakes, wipe away your tears,
Say that you are sorry, sorry for behaving in such a manner, with such tears.
Making mistakes on Earth is your life to learn,
To find the wisdom within yourself.

Say “I am sorry” to yourself,
To the friends that you have misbehaved towards,
That you did not give an honest answer.
That gave your friends sadness within.
“I am sorry” is a beautiful term, an expression of love that turns your self,
Your thought, to care for your fellow beings.

“I am sorry” is to care,
Is to bring love to another human being
When you have made a mistake,
When you have caused disharmony.

In forgiveness you find this expression, “I am sorry”.
When that is built in love there is redemption,
You relieve yourself from pain, your conscious mind
That knows your deeds and misdeeds in life.
Say “I am sorry” with love
And you will have relief from your pain, from the mistakes
That you have made.

No tears in nature;
Heavenly joy that gives nutrition to the flowers, to the mould,
That brings the seed into blooming one day.
Remind yourself of the wonders of nature,
Remind yourself of the wisdom that gave you life,
Remind yourself of your love, of God’s love that keeps you alive,
Turn yourself into this flower,
This beauty of love,
By giving love, by caring and sharing.

By saying “I am sorry” you give comfort and love to your brother and sister.
That is beautification of yourself, your inner self, your spiritual self.
Many mistakes made; many challenges ahead.
Next time you make a mistake, say “I am sorry”,
That is to become love yourself.

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