32. Beautify your Soul

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Love, the power of God, the power of the universe, is in operation. It is in the air that you breathe in, it is there in Mother nature, it is there in every atom, in every element of the creation, and it starts to operate within yourself when you become aware of your own creation, the wisdom that you were given when you came to this world, the material world. The power of the universe, of your Creator, is infinite, the power that will beautify your soul when you turn yourself to his wisdom, when you seek in love and nourish the seed of love within you that became part of you at birth, that keeps you alive on this material plane.

The spirit that you have within was filled with love when you saw the daylight of your world. It became a smile to your parents. The new-­‐born child is the love from your Creator that you term a miracle. And, my friend, let us call the creation of yourself a miracle, even though it is of the same power as everything else in the creation. It is made by the same hands of love, it is made by God.

Beautify your soul – but how can you beautify your spirit, the spirit that you cannot see with your physical eyes, that is hidden to yourself within? How can you beautify an unseen friend? When you know that you were made out of love, when you know that this seed within yourself is of love, then reflect upon the nature itself, how you nourish, how you take care of, the animals in your household. You give them food, you provide nourishment for them, you provide care for them, as you do with your flowers, that you bring water, that you bring into good soil so they can raise themselves and become beauties that you can enjoy. The pets are there giving you love when you give them love and so it is with Nature, so it is with the seed within yourself. When you bring love to this seed by giving of yourself, by sharing your love with your fellow beings, then you make good soil for yourself, to find the beauty of life, to raise yourself spiritually, to find the power that you were made of, that you have within yourself, that brings you joy and happiness. That is the beauty that you can bring to the world, that is the love, that is the peace, that you have found within yourself and that you can use to beautify and guide other souls.

When you become a master of your physical self, when you let your spirit, your unseen friend, dominate your physical flesh and become love, inside out, you become a light that will shine up your pathway in

life, that will bring the truth of life to many people on earth.

Beautify your soul with love, with the power of God, so you can be his hands in your world because that is why you came to the material plane, to fulfil yourself, to fulfil his creation. God is love and you can become love yourself and be as one, be as one on the earth plane. Give of yourself in love and you bring harmony to your life. Bring the truth to your world, and beautify your soul when you are here on earth, so you one day, when you leave the physical plane, can come to the world beyond with love. Let the spirit within yourself become your dearest friend, your treasure in life.

Let this beauty evolve into God’s love for all,
Let this beauty evolve into kindness and friendliness for all,
Let this beauty evolve into a charitable mind,
Let this beauty evolve into God, become one in his consciousness of love, and you become one in his kingdom of love, the heaven within yourself, the creation of beauty, the light of your Creator; your soul´s destiny.

On the earth plane you have all the passions that are there for you to learn, but find the path of love and you will see that they were merely lessons for you to fulfil yourself. Untruthfulness, dishonesty and ostentation were stumbling blocks for you, but they were part of life for you to enhance yourself, for you to find God within, for you to see right from wrong, for you to see the truth with your own eyes, with your own self.

Beautify your soul and become one in God, one in love with his creation, and you will see that the creation is perfect, is there for you to become the beauty that you were meant to be, that you were in the right place, at the right moment for your soul to evolve, for your soul to find the path towards the light, towards God’s wisdom. The creation is perfect; every atom, every molecule, every element is in its place and so are you, my friend, so are you.

The law of cause and effect is in operation for you to beautify your soul, for you to find the wisdom of life the wisdom is love. Become this wisdom, and you beautify your soul.

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