31. Your spiritual self

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When we from the spirit world see you on the earth with your physical beings, we also see an energy field around you, that you have termed the aura. This energy field manifests itself in different colours dependent on you spirituality, how far you have reached in spiritual awareness. We are more acquainted with your aura than your physical body, because your aura is your spiritual self.

In the spiritual self, we can see how far you have reached in wisdom, wisdom of yourself, wisdom of the life both of the physical and spiritual. Your wisdom manifests in colours. The bright light manifests when there is purity in mind. A grey shadow manifests when there is low spiritual awareness, where selfishness is predominant in your being.

You have the rainbow of colours to describe yourself.
If you let the light go through yourself like it does with a prism, it will display the rainbow of colours from red to violet. From birth when the light penetrates the womb of the mother, the fundamental colour is love, the colour of red. Then comes the awareness, the orange colour before you enter the light of the sun, the yellow light that brings clarity to mind, that gives you knowledge of the earth plane. Within yourself you can find peace in nature, the green grass and the flowers of different colours that are nurtured by the yellow light, by the sun, by God. When you lift your eyes to the sky, you see a beautiful blue light colour on a bright day where the clouds are just small memories passing by, memories and thoughts that bring you comfort with their softness and calmness. Then, in the sunset you see the dark blue colour of indigo, and the stars of heaven shine upon you, and you wonder, What is behind all the stars, what is out there in the dark blue eternity, in the dark blue universe? Then, my friend, if you expand your vision towards God, you will meet within your mind the colour of violet, which is part of the spirit world, which is the atmosphere of your spiritual self. When you have opened the door painted with the colour of indigo you will enter the spiritual world. Open your third eye, which is your spiritual eye, which you have in addition to your two physical eyes to differentiate between your physical world and the spirit world, the physical you and the spiritual you. The bright white light gives this rainbow of colours, and they all have different vibrations and manifest themselves in your aura field, the energy that you are, and the spirit that you are.

You yourself are a light, and it is a token that you manifest yourself as a light for others to follow, where you can play on the rainbow within yourself, manifesting all parts of you: love towards others, unselfishness, tolerance, helpfulness, sincerity, responsibility, yes, the beauty that you have created within yourself by the behaviour that you have manifested by your good deeds in life.

You yourself are a world, a universe in itself. You see, behind your physical body you have your thoughts, your mind and your consciousness. When you have behaved in the right manner, when you have given of yourself and placed yourself behind, my friend that is unselfishness.

When you know your spiritual self, then you know the difficulties that your world experiences, and why your world is in despair. When you know yourself, you know how to help humanity to raise themselves, you know that the only way is by unselfishness, by sharing with others, by tolerance and by love. That’s the only way to raise your world to a spiritual level where violence and war diminishes and vanishes from the earth plane. You yourself, in your spiritual self, have the answer. Let that spiritual self dominate the welfare of your world.

The people of the earth, human beings of the earth that do not see right from wrong, must be helped because there is always a reason why people behave as they do. Help the less fortunate, and help the ones that don’t know what they are doing. People that harm other living beings have lost themselves. They have to be helped back to the right pathway of love towards their fellow beings.

Charity should be within your spiritual self, the treasure of love. Give of yourself. If every one of us can just do a small step bringing the world into the shape of unconditional love and God’s consciousness, then, my friend, we are on the right pathway towards a world in peace and love.

Let your spiritual self shine forth and be a light for others to follow, a bright white light.

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