31. Why?


The daylight of your world
Brought you a new adventure.
When you opened your eyes to this world,
Many questions were brought to your mind.

Your thoughts gave life to questions,
Questioning your world, your mother, your father.
A word that gave you knowledge
Came into being within yourself.

The word that gave many answers to your curious mind
In your childhood, that word gave you life itself,
Gave you responsibility; what to do and not to do,
Based on your parents’ good judgement.

If you were not that fortunate,
If good judgement was not brought to you in your childhood,
Still, the word Why will cling in your ears,
Why did this happen to me?
Why am I fortunate or misfortunate?
Why am I poor, whilst others are rich?
Why this inequality in life?
Where is God? Why can he let these things happen in my world?
Why all the cruelty, why all the violence, why all the suffering?

My friend, God gave you life to learn,
God gave you a world built by love.
Man’s inhumanity, Man´s lack of care for each other, love for each other,
Man´s lack of sharing his resources, his wealth,
That is why God gave you free will, all human beings,
To find the wisdom of love,
The seed, the truth within.

The question Why?
That gives you wisdom of life,
That gives you the wisdom of your Creator,
That does not interfere in your life,
That gave you love at birth to raise yourself,
To give you life,
To fulfil yourself in his Creation of love,
The world of yours.

Behold his love, his light, his wisdom within your heart,
And all the answers are there, given to you.
What a wonderful world Earth is,
Such beautiful nature,
The school of life,
That is Why.

An eternal life,
A new adventure,
Your life on Earth.

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