31. Love One Another

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We have a beautiful message for your world. We are messengers of God. We are here to tell you that love is everything in life, everything that you consist of and everything that you can attain to. Love is the most beautiful treasure that you can find in life, the most beautiful communion between people. Without love there is emptiness. Love is the force that drives your world, that gives you life in a physical body. Love is God, the power of the universe. My friend, when you know that love is the power, is contrary to emptiness, when you know that love is foremost in your life, in your world, in the universe, then it is paramount and obvious to your mind that you should love one another to find the wisdom of life, the wisdom of God, to find the harmony and peace that will heal you and heal your world. Love one another, and in that communion you will come into oneness with your creation, with the consciousness and love of your Father.

When the child is opening its eyes into this material world, it only knows one word and that is love. That feeling, that compassion, is from heaven where this child comes from, and has returned from, to bring this message to your world that love is foremost and to have love within yourself is the treasure in life, to become love. When that child stretches its hands to you as a parent, it shows that love is the bond between you that the child wants to give you, the love that it has received at birth from its Father in heaven. It wants to show you where it came from; it wants to show that it is of God. You must understand, my friend, that everything has been made out of love, and you yourself are here on this earth plane to nourish the seed that you received from your Father at birth, the love that you carried over from the world beyond to the material plane, so you could create a beautiful pathway in this school of life on the earth plane.

When you see children playing, when you see them running in the meadow of flowers, then you grasp a view of paradise, the view of love when they turn to each other and smile and help each other with their toys, when they embrace the flowers, smile and lift their faces towards heaven they have their remembrance of their past in their moments of joy they find the love that they received from their Father, that they feel the connection with when they suddenly fill themselves with laughter and dance around. In that moment you must recall that you are made out of love, that you are of God, that you are here on earth to find happiness, to find the love that is of your creation.

Love one another. That expression is sometimes difficult to understand when you see the misery, the despair, of your world with all its suffering, cruelty and violence, where people are unfriendly and only think about themselves. I can say this to you, my friend: that this is due to lack of knowledge, lack of the wisdom of life itself, lack of people’s own understanding of themselves. People do not know where they come from, and they do not know their mission on this earth plane. People do not know that there is an eternal life, that there is no death, that they will live on beyond their physical life here on earth. When this knowledge comes to Man, comes to the people of the earth, then it will change their behaviour. They will then know that love must prevail, because that is how you build the treasure within yourself. The wisdom of God will come to you when you know that there is no death, that you truly know your origin, that you are of God and that you are created by his love.

When you love one another, you share, you give of yourself, and you bring charity to the misfortunate. When you see the suffering of your world, you know that you have a tremendous mission to perform. You are here to give your hands to the sufferer; you are here to help wherever you can to bring the love that you received from your Father out in your world. Let your hands be the hands of God, and the hands of God are of love.

God gave you hands to work with, to sustain your physical body and to help your brothers and sisters so you could find peace and tranquillity, so you could find the love that he created your world with, because when you watch Mother Nature, you see the revelations from God, the beauty that he creates for you so you can find the wisdom of life, so you can find your true self, so you can find the love that he gave to your world. Let this spur make your pathway into a beautiful meadow of flowers where children can play and enjoy the nature, can watch the beauties of Mother Nature, the beauties of themselves, because you are a reflection of Mother Nature, you are of the same beauty when you raise your heads, your eyes, towards your Father, as the flowers raise themselves towards the sun, the sun of God, and evolve into such wonderful colours of the rainbow. You have all the colours of the rainbow within yourself. Let the light be reflected in your eyes to such beauties of life, to such wonderful colours that you can diversify as your thoughts and pick them up as flowers, as love from your Father.

Love one another. The colours of the rainbow are given to you so you can understand that the colours, the different colours, must all be together to form the rainbow, to form the love that you can see with your physical eyes, that you can give to your brothers and sisters so you can love each other, so you can find the treasure of life within yourself, because when you do that, my friend, you will know that love makes friendship, that love is of God, and you are of God, you are in oneness of your Father when you have found the love for one another.

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