31. Identity of Spirits

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In the dawning of the morning light everything becomes clear to you, to your physical eyes, because your sun brings the daylight, the sun on the horizon that brings you light to your surroundings, to the people around you. Well, my friend, it is not difficult to perceive your world in the light of the Almighty Spirit. It is not difficult to identify who is who, who is your friend and who you should be on guard for and should be cautious with.

When you contact the spirit world, the unseen world, you will meet spirits of different spirituality, of different attitudes of mind. Spirits that are your true friends and your loved ones that try to influence you with positive thoughts and are there to help you in your daily life. But you have also spirits that are frivolous, spirits that are careless, not necessarily unfriendly, but that do not give you serious advice.

See, my friend, when you try to establish a line of communication between yourself and the unseen world, you have to be cautious. You have to use your knowledge and reasoning and know whom you are communicating with. As long as you receive good advice and loving thoughts that come to your mind, then you can be sure that you are connected with spirits that wish you well. Your spirit guide, your guardian angel is always watching over you and is on guard and will help you with love when you have a positive mind, and that will open the door for you.

Now, how can you know whom the spirits are that you communicate with? How can you know their identity? That is a question that has been controverted over as long a time as people from ancient times have been in communication with the spirit world.

If a frivolous spirit says to you, to your mind, “I am a famous person that once walked upon the earth plane”, and then gives you a name of a person that you know to be well known, then they do this to catch your interest, to make themselves important, and try to impress you and inflate your vanity. Similarly, you have people on earth that want to act in a similar fashion. They fool themselves and the people they are in contact with. You must understand that frivolous spirits in the spirit world are similar to the people of the earth that are undeveloped and of low spiritual attainment. They will act with the passions of the earth, with selfishness and the need for power, and when they can find human beings on the earth plane that they can influence and exercise and gain power over, then they will cling to that person and in a way see what kind of behaviour and tasks they can have this human being perform by their sole influence. So, my friend, when you receive thoughts to your mind that are not according to your logic and reason, just discard them and erase these thoughts from your mind. Replace them with thoughts of love and reasoning.

Now, the identity of spirits can be given to you on the Bridge of Love. From your scriptures, Christ showed himself to his friends, to his disciples, and they knew that it was he. How could they know? They saw how he behaved, they heard him speak and they knew his behaviour, and they saw with their physical eyes that it was he. That is the only true way of knowing the identity of a spirit when you have a conversation, have direct communication with a dear friend that you know so very well that he/she cannot be mistaken.

When you have raised yourself spiritually, when you have love in heart, you can walk the Bridge of Love, you can sit in a séance, in a meeting, similarly to what Christ and his friends did. When Christ departed and came back as a discarnate human being, still alive, he showed the way for others, because he said, “Do the works that I do, and greater works you shall do”. He wanted you to raise yourself spiritually, he wanted you to seek God, so you can have love, love from your Father that you can bring forward to your fellow beings, so you can be a light that he was, a light to follow.

“Love your Father and love your neighbour.” When you walk the Bridge of Love with such an intention and power of mind, you will be able to meet your friends, your loved ones, because we as discarnate beings, as human beings, still alive, can come to you and materialise ourselves on the Bridge of Love. Then, my friend, when we speak to you, when we can touch you as we did upon the earth, when you can see our faces and give us a hug, then you know the identity of the spirits that you communicate with. That is the only true pathway of knowing whom you are communicating with.

You will know when you receive a loving thought, good advice that is good according to your logic, to your reasoning, to your intellect. When you have raised yourself and know that you are influenced and know how to differentiate between positive and negative thoughts that come to your mind, then you know that you are guarded and in communion with the spirit world.

Either way, you have to fill yourself with love, you have to raise yourself spiritually, you have to build up the power of love within yourself, you have to nurture the seed that you received at birth from your Almighty Father before you can meet us on the Bridge of Love. Humble yourself. We are all children of God, and with patience everything that is in the hands of the Father, within his creation, is possible and the Bridge of Love is a creation of God.

The veil that parts our two worlds, the earth plane and the spirit world, is a veil caused by selfishness, by the passions of the earth, the cruelty of human beings. Everything that is the opposite of love creates the force that keeps the veil strong. The power of love, the power of God, is the only force that can put aside the veil, that can bring light into your world, the light of love, the light that will bring peace, fairness, and prosperity for all. You know the pathway my friend, the pathway of love, and then you are walking the path towards the wisdom of the universe, the wisdom and the consciousness of God.

Have faith, have love in heart and the Bridge of Love will be a meeting place where you can truly find the truth of life, the answers that you have sought for in life.

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