31. Do not Exalt Yourself

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In accordance with human nature you are exposed to the passions of the earth; passions of greed and vanity. This selfish nature is there for you to master, for you to raise yourself above. And when you do this, my friend, you humble yourself. You do not exalt yourself to vain ostentation. Recall the admonition where you have the saying of Christ that whoever exalts himself shall be abased, and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted. That is a saying that is there for you to understand that a life in modesty, in simplicity, is bringing you the atmosphere for creating the right harmony within yourself, for giving you the wisdom of your Creator that you will experience to such a degree in the world beyond that you should be made aware of this nature´s law, which is not transparent in the material world but is inescapable in the spiritual world. That is not to say that you should not live a life in comfort, of independence, of free will, because that has been given to you, to your life on earth, but it is a reminder to you that you should be cautious with your behaviour, your selfindulgence, your ostentation when you are in your physical body on earth. When you find the truth, this truth of life, and you understand why it has been brought to you in such a manner, you will understand the spiritual life, you

will understand the wisdom of God, and you will understand the temptation that you so easily can fall into on earth. You see, my friend, we are here to tell you the spiritual truth, to tell you that a life in modesty, in decency, a life where you leave your selfish desires behind, where you can bring of yourself the love of your Creator to your fellow beings, is the life that will bring you happiness and peace of mind.

Remember, my friend, that many sayings that have been given to you must be reasoned by your logical sense to comprehend, because the sayings that are of love are of the truth, and the sayings that cannot be understood rightly, that are in conflict with love, cannot be of the truth when you know that your Creator is love, unconditional love. Then you must understand that there must be misconceptions, miscomprehensions over time, and that should give you the admonition that all you read from the scriptures is not necessarily what it was meant to communicate.

Remember that God is love, and he will exalt you when you humble yourself, when you bring love to your fellow beings, when you leave vanity behind, where you see that your selfindulgence and selfimportance is of no value to your true self, to your spiritual self, to the treasure that you can build in love for your brothers and sisters within you, heaven within.

All this should be according to your logic and reasoning because the Creation by God is made by love, and love is reason, love is logic, love is the truth, and the truth is brought to you, and comprehended by your intellect that you were given so you could have the wisdom of God within you.

God does not make life difficult. You yourself are making your life. You are responsible for your own life, for your actions, for your deeds, and you must face your life on earth as well as in heaven, but the material mind keeps you unaware of the realities, until your consciousness is brought to a level where your behaviour dawns upon you, comes to your mind in reality. That reality is exposed to you in full on the other side of the veil, in the world beyond, but you do not have to wait until you enter this world, you can take action today and find the spiritual truth. You can have the wisdom of God today, my friend. Seek within yourself, seek the love that you were given when you came to this world, that you have deep inside yourself, the beauty that you were given by your Father. Disclose this beauty, become love yourself, and you will see the truth, you will climb the spiritual ladder and find the wisdom, the wisdom of God, here on the material plane. All is revealed to you when you search, when you open up within yourself the door to his kingdom of love, the treasure of life.

Live a life where love is foremost, where love is given from your heart, from your spiritual self, to your fellow beings. A harmonious life is to give of yourself, to find the balance in life, to find harmony with your fellow beings and with nature, to know where you came from and where your destiny is. That is a life where you have the wisdom of God so you know your mission in this life on earth. Bring God and his love to your life. Let the wisdom of your Creator guide you and his grace will exalt your self to the light of love, so you can bring the truth and the way of life to your world, to your friends, family, brothers and sisters on earth.

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