30. The Word


God’s love, God’s wisdom,
Brought a thought of life to Earth.
God created Earth by love,
The Word that brought everything into existence.

God created you and I by the elements of the universe,
By his building blocks,
Created us as spirits, eternal living beings,
As his children.
The Word created all, the Word of love.

Such a powerful Word that you can manifest on Earth,
That you can give to your brothers and sisters,
The Word of love.
Make that your path in life
And your life is of the Word, is of love,
Is of the Creation itself,
In harmony, in oneness of.

Fulfil the Creation that was given to you,
Fulfil yourself by caring, sharing, by loving
Even your enemies  they are your brothers and sisters.

You are all here in the world of love
To raise yourself, to learn from Mother Earth
What a decent life is,
What responsibility is,
What honesty is,
What life is.

Be truthful to yourself,
Find the truth within,
The truth of being,
Your own life, eternal life.

Let the Word of love be yours,
Let God’s Word be your word, your thought, your life,
And you will manifest his Creation
Wherever your steps take you.

Make a path of love in your journey on Earth,
Many paths of love that eventually will return to the sea,
The ocean of your world, where all loving memories,
Where all thoughts of love, are consecrated.

Something cannot come from nothing,
There is wisdom; there is love that you can see in nature,
All is revealed for your eyes,
The Word gave life, the thought of God.

Your thoughts are powerful,
Use them well,
Use them to create love.

You were made out of love, by the Word,
The Word that gave life,
That manifested the Creation of love on Earth.

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