30. The Golden Rule

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When you meet people in your daily life, you try to understand their thoughts and their purpose. You watch their behaviour, their expression and how they present themselves so you can respond to them in a precise and empathic manner because you want to meet them in a harmonious and decent way, where you can agree upon your mutual interest. Of course, you may have different opinions that may cause disputes, but you with your empathic behaviour will know that what you do to the others, you must face yourself. Then you have the knowledge to find solutions that you can agree upon and where you can avoid conflicts, because you know the golden rule: do to others as you would have them do unto yourself. When you keep this rule in mind, you become empathic in your behaviour and your thoughts will be of love, will be of understanding, and conflicts can be solved.

All the religions in your world have the golden rule as their objective because it is the same love, the same rule that applies: love your neighbour as yourself. When you know that you are an eternal being, that there is no death, that you are a spirit, a spirit of the Almighty Father, then you will change your view of life. You will know that what you do to others, you do unto yourself. It is in oneness of love, in the consciousness of your Father that you will find the answer to yourself, the answer to the treasure that you can build within. You see, my friend, the golden rule is of God, it is of love, and it must be in that context you comprehend and use this rule in life.

There are also controversies about the golden rule because there are different tastes in your world, there are different cultures, and there are spirits of different spirituality. Some are undeveloped and some have heightened themselves, and of course that brings certain controversies upon the golden rule, but when you have love foremost and God and his love in your heart, you cannot go wrong, then you do to others as you would have them do to you.

Conflicts in your world would be solved and be nonexistent if you followed the golden rule. Love your neighbour as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is the rule of life. Love is the rule. Love is the golden opportunity for you to find yourself, to share with your fellow beings, to share the love that you have in your heart, that you have built within yourself. That is the heaven that you have received when you have given of yourself, when you have poured love over your pathway in life.

When you are meeting another human being in life, you can look upon yourself and say that: “This brother or sister is of as much value as me. We are of the same importance. We are equal.” That must come to your mind. You are all children of God, and no one, not even those that have higher positions in your world such as kings or queens, is of higher worth than the most humble with the lowest occupations in your world. All human beings are equal; we are of the same importance in the eyes of our Father. This you must remember, my friend, because when you have this knowledge within yourself, you will change in behaviour, you will cast aside your own vanity, you will cast aside passions of the material world that hold you down, that do not raise your spiritual self, passions of the negative sort, passions like selfishness and greed. Selfish behaviour does not comply with the golden rule.

Let the golden rule be knowledge to yourself that you can have in your mind, evolve with and evaluate in your tasks, in your daily life. You see, my friend, that rule, that love, is there for you to nourish your inner self. Is there for you to experience and to learn from, is there for you to find your true self, to heighten you spiritual self.

My friend, there is no death. This message is of such importance that it cannot be said enough. We tell you this message over and over again, because we know that this message will make a difference in your life, the knowledge and the importance of life itself, when it comes to your ears, when it dwells within yourself, when you really acknowledge the truth of life. It is a message of heaven, it is a message from spirits that have walked upon your earth plane, that know now that we all survive the physical death, that we live on in a new world, a world of love. Love is the power of the universe, and love is of God.

My friend, you are spirit and you can never die. You are here on earth to acquire knowledge, to experience the material life, and you have been given this opportunity, this challenge, to raise yourself spiritually, to find the answer to life, to acquire the knowledge that you are an eternal being, that you must take care of your fellow beings, and that you are here on the earth plane to evolve and find the love that you were given at birth from your Father.

What a wonderful opportunity you have in this life to show the world that the golden rule is of God, is there for you to bring forward to every human being on your pathway in life. Because when you give of yourself, when you show the path towards love for your neighbour, you have truly found the true essence of the golden rule: do to others as you want them to do to you; love your neighbour as yourself.

Love your Creator with all your heart, with all your mind. Love is the answer to life itself. Become love, because then you become one with your Creator, the core of yourself, the spirit that dwells within you, that whispers in your ear telling you that love is of God, and that you yourself must behave in such a manner that you become love yourself.

Why is it that the religions of your world have the golden rule as an objective and even so they have been fighting, have built a fence around their beliefs? I can tell you this, my friend: that religions and their teachings have been misused over a long period and now is the time to find a mutual platform where the golden rule embraces all on their pathway towards God, where every religion can rejoice in this message from God and tear down the fences, because when they do so they will raise themselves spiritually, and they will find the love that is truly of God.

Conflicts in your world, whether in religions or between nations, can be solved by the golden rule. The golden rule is omnipresent; it is there for you as a message from your Creator. Love your neighbour as yourself, be friendly, show kindness, bring love to the world, to all children on your earth plane, because you are but one of the children of God, and you are all of the same importance, you are all of the same creation, of the same Father.

Remember this when you meet you fellow being in your daily life. Let the rule, the golden opportunity, come to your mind and serve your fellow being, as you yourself want to be served.

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