30. Marriage and partnership


God made man and woman to enter into unity, into union for giving birth to children and to be many on earth. Marriage and partnership is a union between two people in love. As long as the union is in love, the Almighty Father blesses it.

A child has a father and mother that they can relate to with different qualities as male and female. The father has strength and can take heavy loads. The mother gives nutrition to the child by her breast. They both contribute to the child’s upbringing with their warmth and love, with discipline, and with nurturing both of the physical and the spiritual kind. That is their main task on earth when they have received a child. A marriage or a partnership creates an environment for the child to be raised, and that environment, that atmosphere, should be a place where the child can be safe, where the child can feel the parents’ love, so the child in turn can give love to other fellow beings, to other children that they play with, and show the right pathway in life. The union between man and woman, between man and man, between woman and woman in love is a blessing from God. We are all spiritual beings within our physical body. We are all children of God, and our Father in heaven teaches us unconditional love, and that should be our guidance in life.
On this side of life, we have union between souls in the same manner as you have on earth. Marriage is a term of the earth. On this side we are one, when we have love for each other, and when there is no love, there is no union.

In the spirit world man and wife live together if there is love between them. In the spirit world man and man, woman and woman live together if there is love between them. Love unites people. Souls on this side do not stay together if there is no love. If the marriage or the partnership was based on passions and sexuality, based on force of any kind, then it is dissolved when entering the spirit world. Here you have absolute free will, and if you didn’t find love on earth, you will definitely find love on this side, because here love is the predominant force that binds people together. Union between souls that love each other is so strong, so powerful and so wonderful. Here we have true love. Here you will receive true love. Love, the mightiest force in the universe, you will experience on this side of life in its purity, the power that your innermost being can feel the oneness of.

The white light, that you perhaps saw within your mind when on earth, this light is the beauty of love that awaits you in the spirit world, and that you can be part of when you have love in heart.

God does not differentiate between partnerships. As long as there is love between souls, it has the blessing from the Almighty Father.

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