30. Find the truth

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What is the truth? In your life on earth people tell you different beliefs, what they think the truth is based on their religion, based on their observation and experience, based on what they in their mind think about life, what they have reflected upon. You were born and carried by your mother through pregnancy, and you evolved from an embryo to a newborn child. You acquired knowledge during childhood, in your youth, in school, in collaboration with your peers, with your parents, through your educational background. In adulthood you took up an occupation and you experienced and learned more of life. But still, with all this knowledge and experience, you ask yourself: “What is the truth of life? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?” My friend, belief will not give you the truth, because it is only a belief based on the sayings and words of others. It is when you experience your self, when you have the conviction that you have found the essence of your self, of life, the essence of your being, that truth descends upon you.

Then how, my friend, can you find the truth?

Let me tell you this: that we in the world beyond, we know the truth, we have walked the steps on the earth plane, we have been in your position, we have lived our lives on earth, and we are now discarnate beings, but still we are alive, and so will you be one day when you leave your physical body behind on the earth plane. You will come to this world because you are a spirit, an eternal being that cannot die, a spirit of God, an energy that keeps your physical body alive, that is there to fulfil your mission on the earth plane.

You can find the truth on the material plane. You can seek and find the answers within when you turn yourself to your Creator, and when you walk the Bridge of Love, you can experience the truth of life. You can experience the communion between your friends and loved ones that have passed on to the world beyond. It is a fact, it is reality, it is there for you to apprehend in life, it is the love that you are given by your Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Mother, your parents that brought you to the material plane, so you could learn, as your earthly mother and father do on earth, they bring you to school to learn, so you can experience, so you can have the knowledge of, a new reality.

On the Bridge of Love there is wisdom for you to gain, for you to fill yourself with so you can find the truth of yourself so you can know for certain that you are a spirit, that you are here on earth for a mission, for bringing the love that you received at birth from your Father to your world, to your fellow beings, to your friends and family, so you can take part in the creation of love on earth.

What a beautiful message we have for you: the truth of life, the reality of life. Go beyond belief, go beyond the dogmas of religion, find the truth yourself because on the Bridge of Love we can manifest ourselves in a physical manner, because the living force is alive, the force that gave you life, that you do not see with your physical eyes, that is there for you to experience on the Bridge of Love. God gives you the truth because he is the truth. He is the love that builds the bridge. It is his hands of love that erect this wonder, this creation of life. It is not given to you instantly, it requires your patience, your curiosity for life, but I can assure you, my friend, that when you search you will find, because that is the law of God. He discloses the fact of life when you search in humbleness, when you see the creation of love that he has brought to you. When you keep this love in your heart, and you nourish this love and bring it to your life, to your fellow beings, your brothers and sisters on earth, he will bless your work, he blesses the work of love and brings his grace for you when you become love yourself.

And, my friend, when you have found the truth, then you can tell your friends, your family, your fellow beings, that you have found a treasure within you, the treasure that is of God, heaven within, the beauty of life, the truth of life, and when you have found the truth, you have found yourself, and the path towards your spiritual life, a life in love and honesty, a life where selfishness, greed and vanity are gone, because the truth of life is more important than the material passions that are there for you to master in life, for you to raise yourself above. The reality of life is right there for you to find on the Bridge of Love and in Mother Nature, revealed to you in all its beauties. My friend, when you have the knowledge, this wisdom, you will see God’s love for you all.

You know now the path towards the truth of life. Go forth and experience the truth yourself with the blessing of your Creator.

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