30. Charlatanism

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As you have on earth human beings of different spirituality, of different degrees of development in the wisdom of God, so you have in the spirit world. When people of the earth leave their physical body behind they have just opened a new door to a new kingdom of the Almighty Father, and they have not changed in either character or personality when they enter the spirit world.

On the earth plane, you have cruelty done by human beings, you have misbehaviour in many different ways, people that do not understand, do not comprehend the consequences within their own consciousness, within their own mind, because they are not developed. They have to be shown the way, shown the light from their brothers and sisters on the earth plane that know better, that know that what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. They have to be shown the way towards the light of God, towards his love. And how can you do this, my friend? You show them kindness, you show them love, and you have to rectify their behaviour. You have to show them, as the good father and the good mother behave towards their child when the child has gone astray in the wilderness. The child has to be drawn back and shown the right pathway in life with a determined mind of love and kindness. You say a firm “no”, when the child is misbehaving, is doing the wrong things in life. Because when you follow the light from your Father in heaven, you know what is right from wrong. You will know that love and peace must prevail. You will know that selfishness is the major obstacle for bringing peace and harmony and that it prevents the resources from the Almighty Spirit, come to all, from being shared among his children on earth.

Charlatanism is misbehaviour, injustice, unfriendliness, untruthfulness and dishonesty. Mediums that are practising mediumship and behave in a dishonest and untruthful way are what you call charlatans and that is an expression not only for mediums, but also for human beings in general. When we put emphasis on charlatanism, we want to end such behaviour from spirits of low development.

When on the earth plane, you have to conquer the passions of materialism and selfishness, and when there is a monetary gain there is a potential for selfishness. People that are driven by monetary gain and let this prevail at the cost of their own truthfulness, do not know that their behaviour is causing troubles to themselves.

Know that this is not so with mediums that are honest and truthful in their work, mediums that have mediumship as their occupation in life. Mediums that are unselfish, that are doing the will of the Almighty Spirit to help people and to give charity. They charge a small fee to sustain their own life, sustain their physical body, and then the morality is in place.

We know that on the Bridge of Love, there must be pure love, unselfishness, and no monetary gain, because when you walk the bridge, you have raised yourself from materialism, and from the passions of the earth. Many people, human beings, call themselves mediums and say they have direct communication with the spirit world. You have been given your own logic and reasoning, and you will need to differentiate between mediums that are telling the truth and mediums that, in their vanity and for monetary gain, tell you whatever you would like them to tell you.

You must yourself decide and know whom to trust. You have your intuition and you are a medium yourself, so foremost trust yourself and your intuition. You see, human beings on the earth plane influence you every day either in a positive or a negative way, and so it is with discarnate beings.

Know that good spirits from the spirit world will only give you good advice. If you are given thoughts that are of the negative sort, then ask for guidance from you own spirit guide that wishes you well. Know that every thought that is of love is there to raise you. These thoughts are from your friends, either on this side, on the earth plane, or the other side of the veil, in the spirit world.

My friend, you have friendly and unfriendly human beings on earth as in the spirit world. When you receive a message by the spoken word or a thought that suddenly comes to your mind, you will evaluate that message. If that thought is of a good spirit, it is there to help you, to lift you up, to raise you in spirituality, and you will know that it comes from a friendly human being.

Charlatans will meet themselves in the door sometime, and then they will learn that untruthfulness, dishonesty and selfishness caused them trouble only. They will learn that what they did to others, they did to themselves, to their own mind, their own consciousness, and their consciousness will catch up with them, and then they will know that their errors need to be rectified. They can repair their faults by bringing love into their heart, by making themselves unselfish, by helping others, and by that they will raise themselves, and they will see that truthfulness, honesty and love are what they should cultivate in life, and that this only will lift them up towards God, his wisdom and love.

Do not take part in charlatanism. Distance yourself from all unfriendly and selfish thoughts, because there is only one road to follow to achieve peace of mind and love in heart and that is the road of spirituality. It is your task in life, your mission in life, to be a light for others, a light of love, and it is your task to tell the charlatans that they are misbehaving, that they are following the wrong path in life.

With mediumship you have such potentiality for giving the truth, the truth of life, to tell people that there is no death, that we survive the physical body, that there is healing work to be done, because healing is a power from the source of God. Leave selfishness behind, let the truth come forward, let monetary gain be of such a nature that people do not doubt that the work you are performing is done in unselfishness. That is the only way on the Bridge of Love.

Go forward in the wisdom of the Almighty Spirit, which is pure love. Know that your mission is to raise yourself and your fellow beings spiritually, to raise yourself towards the beauty within, towards the wisdom of God and his love for humanity, his love for all living beings, his love for Mother Nature, his love for you, his love for his children, his love for all of us, his creation.

Love is the mightiest force in the universe. What a wonderful power you have within yourself. Do not misuse your potential. Bring love to your fellow beings, bring love and be a light for the world. Have love within your heart and you can never go wrong. That is your guidance in life, because that is God operating within yourself.

Let the power of love dominate your behaviour. Let the power of love fill your heart.

Let the bright light of mediumship come from the spirit world and let us join forces in the name of the Almighty Father in heaven, in his love.

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