3. Unselfishness


What a wonderful blue planet you live on. What a wonderful Mother Nature created by God. What a wonderful human being you are. What a wonderful creation you are with your physical body, your senses and your intellect. What a wonderful world you have received for you to nurture, to take care of, to be joyful of, to love and receive love from. A blue planet that goes in orbit around the sun, the star that gives you the warmth you need, that gives you nutrition, that gives you life, the sun and the star that reveals to you that God, your Father in heaven, does not differentiate between any of his children, does not differentiate between the righteous and the nonrighteous.

God has given you the wisdom to take care of your fellow beings and of Mother Nature. He has given you the knowledge that you shall not differentiate between people, and that you shall leave selfishness behind, and that selfishness is a passion for you to master, to control and conquer in life.

My friend, you were given all the passions of the earth, you were given love to fulfil yourself, to create joy and happiness, to create peace on earth and within yourself. Love is a beautiful creation because it is of God, and God is love. Love is a passion that is there to fulfil your heart, to fill your whole being with the thoughts, the living force, of God. Selfishness is a passion that is there for you to sustain life. Selfishness is there for you to control with your intellect. When you have mastered the passion of selfishness and you let love prevail in your heart, you will raise yourself spiritually.

Selfishness is the root to the misfortune of your earth. War, hunger and cruelty are all coming from selfishness. Selfishness is there for you to erase in its nature of misbehaviour, misbehaviour towards yourself, towards your fellow beings and towards God, the Creator of the universe. Selfishness is of the animal nature to sustain life, and you as a human being have been given the intellect to create peace and joy, to know that you are but one of God’s creations and that you must share the resources with your brothers and sisters on earth. You have the seed from your Father in heaven, and he wanted you in the school of life on earth to raise yourself, to nurture this seed and become one and in union with him, and that must be done in love, love for your fellow beings on earth.

The seed within yourself can be your treasure, but it must be built in love, must be nourished in love for humanity, for all living beings and for Mother Nature. Then you will raise yourself in spirituality and you will beautify yourself and your creation. You are here on earth to learn that selfishness is there as a vice that you should raise yourself above, and that selfishness is contrary to love, kindness and friendliness.

When you see cruelty on earth, when you see violence, when you see that people misuse power, when you see the madness of the earth in all its forms, it is all coming from the root of evil, the root of selfishness. The only way to conquer and master the passion of selfishness is by love, love of all. You must conquer this passion to achieve peace on earth; you must erase selfishness that is of such immorality and unfriendliness.

You live in a material world and you need to sustain yourself, your own life, but that is not selfishness. You need to sustain your physical body, and there is nothing wrong in having a life where your needs are covered and where you seek comfort. It is a life in excess that goes beyond moderation that is wrong. When you see children go hungry because of selfishness in your world, and when you live a life in excess, when you know that you can share with others that are less fortunate, then you let selfishness prevail. Live in moderation and not in excess, and help wherever you can.

When people of the earth that are wealthy do not share their resources and live a life in excess, then you should remind yourself of the parable from Christ, that says: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” My friend, you have heaven within yourself and you create that heaven on earth that you bring along to the spirit world. If you have not raised yourself in spirituality, if you have not left selfishness behind, if you have not built this treasure in love for your fellow beings, in love for Mother Nature, you will go emptyhanded into the spirit world.

Selfishness will not build up a treasure within you, it will create emptiness. Selfishness will not create any joy, and it will not create your future happiness. When you know that selfishness is the root of evil on earth, then you will understand that selfishness is contrary to the treasure that you can bring along to the spirit world.

There is a treasure of love that you can have on earth, and that you can bring along to the spirit world, and you build this treasure in love.
Sow love on your pathway and you will create such a beauty within yourself. Let love prevail and become unselfish. Then you will create a pathway for others, a pathway towards heaven, towards peace of mind, the heaven that you have within yourself.

You can create heaven on earth when selfishness has been erased from the earth plane. When you know that there is no death, when you know that you are an eternal being, then you will defeat selfishness on earth, because then you will know the truth of your being, the truth of life, and selfishness will be replaced by love and you will truly achieve peace on earth.

My friend, selfishness is the stumbling block of calmness of mind. Let love prevail in your heart and you will have calmness built up within yourself. God is love and he would not give you a passion that could not be overcome and mastered. Know this my friend; know that you can fill your heart with love and that you can master yourself, because that is the will of God.

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