3. The Fountain of Love

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The source of life,
The source that is given to you,
An everlasting source,
The creative force,
The fountain of love is of God.

God is love,
God is unconditional love
Brought to every child to grow, to raise itself,
To find its true self, the spirit within,
The spirit that is of the fountain of love,
A spirit that was created by the source of life,
The source that is everlasting,
The source that is ever pouring its love over you.

When you have found your true self,
When you have found the fountain of love,
You will never go thirsty
Because the source is always there,
The source, the light of love, life itself,
A wonderful Creation given to you all,
Brought to you by love,
Brought to you by the source of life, by God, the fountain of love.

Keep love in your heart,
Create your own fountain of love within,
A fountain of pure love
That you can pour over your brothers and sisters,
That you can share with all,
All living beings, with Nature itself.

An ever pouring love is brought to you by the fountain of love,
Find the truth within your self,
Find the wisdom of God,
Let the fountain of love be your self,
You are a spirit of God, let love reign over your heart,
And the fountain of love will be yours.

A wonderful treasure that is everlasting,
The beauty within yourself,
God’s Creation, God’s love for all,
The fountain of love will beautify your self,
The fountain of love will crown your work in love,
Let the fountain of love be your own creation within,
A fountain created by the wisdom of God, by the wisdom of love.

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