3. Telekinesis

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Faith can move mountains. That expression you have from your scriptures, one of the sayings of Christ. What did he mean by this parable, which cannot be taken literally but if you go beyond and ask yourself: “What is faith?”, then we say to you that faith is love, love that is given to you by your Father in heaven, a faith that he wants you to explore, to find within yourself, because this faith is a power, an energy field that can change your world, change your world to a world of love. The seed of the mustard is so small that you can hardly expect anything from it with your physical eyes, but you know from experience that the seed has the potential to grow and be a beautiful part of Mother Nature, bringing you fruits for your nutrition.

If you can have the faith of such a small seed, have the faith of love, you can expand within yourself such a tremendous power that you can move mountains. You can change the world within yourself and the physical world itself with love from the Almighty that he gave you as a tiny little seed of mustard.

My friend, it is a parable to tell you that nothing is impossible. The Telekinesis of your world that you have experienced and that you have been shown is the power that you have within yourself, the movement of objects, and when you join forces with God, with the power that we are all part of, everything is possible.

We can, by joint effort, we of the spirit world and you people of the earth, we that are children of God all of us can join forces and make your world a world of love, make your world as it is in heaven. You can have heaven on earth with the faith, with the smallest seed of mustard, that can move mountains.

Telekinesis is movement with the energy of faith. It is an explainable power that your science, your scientists, cannot and will not explore because they cannot explain the force behind it. But I say to you that this force can be explained by quantum physics, and it will be explained scientifically with this science some day in the future when scientists have found the explanation and have the courage to move forward and tell their findings to the world, to you.

We can show ourselves, we can show our energy to you in quantum physics, but you will have to understand what this energy is made of, because the communion with us must be based on love to manifest itself, to gain cooperation. We are able to communicate with you with such a thing as a table, where we can vitalise the table with the force of love, with the faith of God. The table will then act as with an intellect, whereby we can respond to your questions. The table is manifesting the energy between our two worlds, manifesting the love between us. When there is love everything is possible, because love is of God, the mightiest force in the universe. God is love and love is the power of God.

Anything that is not part of God´s consciousness, and not part of love, cannot be true. So when people tell you and refer to sayings from the scriptures that are not of love, which cannot be of love, sayings by human beings in their vanity, in their misuse of power, then question them using your logic and reasoning. If the sayings are of love, they are true, if they are not of love and do not respond to your logic and reasoning, then the sayings cannot be true. My friend, whatever pathway you choose in life, use your logic, use your reasoning and know that God is love and that everything that is of love must be true.

Manifestations by the spirit world in your world are from God and from good spirits, from angels in heaven, when love prevails. When there are manifestations that are bothering people, send God a prayer asking for his love, and he will send his angels to help you, to help the souls that are lost. Then you yourself have made a service. God is love and with whatever problem that you might have, turn to God and ask for his love and his guidance and you will be helped. He will be with you, he will lift you up, and he will not leave you. He is always with you, if you let him be part of you. Remember one thing the most vital thing in life that God is love and you are part of God, you are his child, because we are all children of God.

In that power, in that unity of love, and when you have the faith and the love within yourself, you can move mountains, you can change the world, you can bring love and peace wherever you go, and you can be a light for others. You yourself can move mountains by your love for your fellow beings, by love for all living beings, by love for Mother Nature.

Telekinesis is real, and when love prevails, then God’s wisdom is behind.

Playing with the forces of the universe without love is not in the spirit of God. Then you are left with frivolous spirits that you cannot trust, spirits that are still undeveloped and that need the care and the teachings from the Almighty to raise themselves. Do not enter into communion with spirits if there is no love. Love must prevail in your heart. Then you have the wisdom of God, the love of God and his power behind yourself. Then God will be part of your communion.

You have the power within yourself, and that is the power of love, the power of God, the power of the smallest seed, the mustard seed that can move mountains.

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