3. Serenity


People of the earth do not know themselves. People of the earth are with their impatience, with their troubled minds, with their quarrels and vexation causing annoyance to themselves and to other human beings. Why, my friend, when you know that the sun is rising above the horizon every morning, when you know that there is balance in nature, when you have been living for endless centuries and will live on for endless millenniums?

The unbridled passions and desires in your material world hold you down. The carnally minded persons cannot lift their sight beyond the passions of the physical body, passions that are there for you to master, that are there for you to raise yourself above spiritually, to find your true self.

How can you find calmness of mind when you find yourself in disorder? When you raise your sight towards the brightness of the sun of God, you will understand that everything is in perfect order, that there is nothing to fear, that your anxiety is caused by the trouble of the earth plane, and that the knowledge of life, the wisdom of God is impeded by your material life, by passions of selfishness and greed.

My friend, to find serenity within yourself, you need to balance your life. When you live in moderation, you will understand that there is a wisdom that is gained when you become a serene individual, when you find calmness of mind, calmness in harmony with Mother Nature, in harmony with your fellow beings, in solidarity and love that you, with others, can pour over your world, because when love prevails then you raise yourself from the anxiety and vexation of your earth plane.

Use every effort to reach for God´s love, the love that you can give to humanity. Use every idle minute of your life to give of yourself, because when you give, you will receive. When you use all your effort to find peace for others, to give love to everyone that crosses your pathway in life, then you will gain serenity within your innermost being, because that is the law of cause and effect, that is the law of God, that is the power that you can have within yourself, the power of love.

Impatience in your world does not give you calmness of mind, because you must know that you are an eternal being and when you gain insight of yourself, you will understand that patience is of God. God as the Creator gives his creation the time that is needed to evolve. Nothing comes by revolution, everything is evolution, and that is equivalent to your own evolution, your own life. You have to balance yourself, you have to find the forces that attract and repel within. The force of love gives you stability in life, because when you give love you are in oneness with your Creator. Unbridled passions and desires in life are of the negative force that distract and keep you separate from the consciousness of God´s love.

Love is for construction of your life.
Love is the creative force of the universe.
Love binds you together.
Love gives you tranquillity of mind.
Love brings you serenity.
Love is of God.

Let Mother Nature bring you the serenity of life, because Mother Nature is in balance. The law of cause and effect drives Mother Nature, and when you know this law, this rule of life, then you will find your balance in life, then you will know how to create your own serenity. Mother Nature gives and takes to keep balance within itself. Remind yourself that you have to give of yourself so you can receive the beauties of life. Give of yourself; give the love that you receive from your Father. Everything is there for you to share with humanity.

You are but one of the children of God, you are all one big family on the earth plane. Remember this, my friend, you are all in one family. Share with each other. Every one of you is of the same importance, every one of you has the right to a prosperous life, to a life in happiness, to a life in dignity and you, my friend, are here on the earth plane to serve, to help your fellow beings, to find the balance within and among yourselves, as you have in nature, the balance between people, and you find this balance with solidarity:

Solidarity for love,
Solidarity for unselfishness,
Solidarity for charity,
Solidarity for serenity on your earth plane.

What a wonderful creation you are, a creation of God. As a human being, you were given all the abilities to raise yourself spiritually, to find heaven within yourself, to let heaven within be shared with as many as you can reach with your hands, with your mind and with your thoughts of love and respect. God is love, and you can be of the same love, you can be his love, you can pour love over your world. And that is your mission my friend. That is where you shall use your effort, where you should use your idle time, because idleness is useless, idleness breeds impatience, idleness does not heighten your self. Replace idleness with the word of love within so you can bring comfort to people that need your service, that need your hands, and where you truly can find value for your time.

Great is that human being that understands life and shares the wisdom of love. Great is that human being that becomes God´s love. In oneness with God you find serenity, because serenity is love. Balance yourself, find the beauty within, your spiritual self, and fear and anxiety will vanish and be replaced by serenity.

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