3. Love is the key


Love is the foremost objective in life, love is your mission in life, love makes you into a beautiful being, love makes you prosper, love brings the heaven within yourself the heaven of God, the heaven that will blossom and create a wonderful garden within your mind. Love makes friendship. Love makes peace within and peace in your world. Love will heal your world. Love will make your world unselfish. Love will make your world share its resources between every human being, between all the children of God. Love is your answer for spirituality, for raising yourself above materiality that is there to satisfy your fundamental needs of food on the table for everyone, for bringing joy and happiness in life, for making your planet into a wealthy place for all. Love is there for birth of children, for a new generation. Love is the engine of your earth plane. Love is the engine of the universe, it is of God and it is the life force. You are here to comprehend that love is your own spirit, life itself. Love is the key to your inner self, to the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God. That is where you will find silence and be one with your Father in heaven. Love is the key to peace of mind. Love is the key to spirituality.

What a wonderful message we have for your world. We are bringing the message of love so you can know what it takes to bring joy, happiness and peace to your world, because it is in love you will find yourself. It is in love you will find the meaning of life. It is in love you will find the restoration of your own life, where you will have forgiveness, where you will have humbleness, where you will meet God when you seek in love.

God gave you life to learn the lessons of the material world. God gave you life to find love, to find peace within, to find the peace that you can give to the world, to find yourself so you can share, so you can be kind, so you can know yourself, because it is when you know yourself that you climb the ladder of spirituality. It is then you will know where you came from, that you are of God, that you are a spirit of the Almighty Father, and he is your good parent that wishes you well, that gave you life here on earth, to develop and evolve, and he gave you nature, so you can find yourself, so you can find the love that you are part of.

God reveals himself to you in so many ways, and he reveals himself in love. He gave you life. Look at yourself; you are wise to reason, you have eyes to see, you have ears to listen, you have a mouth to speak and eat, you can feel with your body, you can comprehend with your intellect, you are a physical being that can give love to your brethren, your fellow beings. Show kindness, show friendliness, share and give of yourself. Share the love that your Father gave you at birth, so you can raise yourself, so you can find your spiritual self, so you can find the most beautiful heaven of spirituality.

Spirituality is love, love for the people that you care for, love for your family, love for your friends, but also love for your fellow beings that are strangers to you, because you are all of the one family, you are all of the same Father, of the same Almighty Spirit. Do not forget this my friend, that you are but one of his children, and you are a whole family on earth and in your family you share and love each other, so everyone can attain help, kindness and love from you.

In your world there is so much selfishness and this is the cause of the separateness between you, because people climb the ladder of materiality to acquire possessions and even more possessions that they can´t even use in their lifetime. No, in that manner you do not find yourself, you do not find your spiritual self, because then you are taken over by you own selfishness and that is the cause of the despair in your world, that is the cause of hunger and war in your world. All search to satisfy their basic needs, and that is not selfishness. Selfishness is when you do not share with others, when you build up in excess your possessions, your own wealth, and when you see people, when you see children, in hunger, in despair, then you should remind yourself that you are but one of the children of God, and that you are in this family and that you should share with each other, because that is true love in a family. That was the intention of your Father when he gave you life, to bring his hands to the world, to show the world how to share, how to respect each other, how to love one another.

You, my friend, have a mission on earth. You have a wonderful mission, a mission that will bring a treasure within yourself, that will create a heaven of beauty, but you will need to find the love for others, you must share of your wealth, because that is the only pathway towards the kingdom of love within yourself, where you can find peace of mind, where you can find your own felicity in life. That is the only way and you find it through spirituality, through finding your true self, through climbing the ladder of spirituality where you leave selfishness, vanity and greed behind, and where you see the beauty when you give love of yourself to others.

How can we make you understand that you are an eternal being when you are not willing to search within yourself, and when you do not break the barrier of materiality? How can we reach your inner spirit with our message? You have free will when on the earth plane, and what we can do is tell you, give you the message that we are humble servants of God that come in love and want to help you. We can give you the knowledge; we can meet you on the Bridge of Love, and we in our mission together can heal your world.

Look to nature the flowers, the trees, the grass, the ocean, the sun, the birds, all living beings, all the beauties, all the wonderful creations that are given to you in life and then you may wonder why you are here, why God has given you this school of life, this opportunity to raise yourself towards his kingdom, towards the beauty within yourself. Try to understand the revelations in nature so you can find your true self. Love is the key. Love is all there is, love is everything in life, love is of God, and love is the power that runs the universe, and that gives you life. God is love and you can find his love within you, the love that will empower you, that will give you such tremendous joy, that will give you such wonderful peace of mind, that you will understand when you have reached that level of consciousness. We give you the answer for beautifying yourself, for raising yourself in spirituality so you can see above materiality, above the passions of the world that your Father gave you as a learning ground, as a school of life to find yourself, for you to find the key to life, to find love.

When you receive love from someone, when you feel this harmony within yourself that this word of love gives you, that this feeling of the universal consciousness of God gives you, then you have received a spark of your eternal life, because it is this feeling, it is this comprehension of love that you will have within yourself, that you will build up within, that you one day can carry over to the world beyond, that will bring you so much joy, friendship and happiness that you cannot realise when in the physical body, because it is beyond your comprehension. But you can find your beauty within, the heaven that is created in love when on earth. Search my friend, and I can assure you that you are not misusing your time. You are on the right track when you let love be your way of life, where you sow love on your pathway, so you make a beautiful meadow of flowers, of beauties behind you, so others can see that love is the right way in life. You see, my friend, God gave you a mission when you came to this earth plane and that was to bring love on your pathways in life, so you could partake in the healing of your world, so you could bring this beautiful planet the love of your Father, the love of his Kingdom, the love within his consciousness, the love within your own mind. Love is the key that will open all the doors, all the beauties in life, and the heaven within you.

Go out there and do your mission. Go out in your life on earth and perform the mission with the hands of God, with the hands of love.

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