3. Communication with the spirit world

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Communication with the spirit world is not easy. There is a barrier between the earth plane and the spirit plane. This barrier has to be penetrated, and with everything else in this world, it needs practice. Obviously, you have to start at the beginning of the ladder. The first class is to get closer to God, because there is only one thing that can penetrate and achieve clear communication and that is through love between the spheres, between your world and the spirit world.

So the first step to communication or mediumship is to start reading, studying the spiritual aspect. Just like you did in school. You started with the simplest things, and then you moved upwards. All kinds of mediumship have to follow this path. When you have reached the higher level, there are still obstacles that have to be conquered. When the time is there, you reach for the highest inside you with love, and then from this side we will come and help you to achieve communication.

There are different paths in mediumship. You have mental mediumship where you pick up pictures and thoughts from our side. With this kind of mediumship, you are fully conscious and connect with your mind. The communication from us to you is received in mental pictures, but these pictures may be distorted. It is like looking in the mirror of the water, when suddenly there comes a breeze and the picture and the mirror gets blurred. It is the same with spirit communication. If there are no pure thoughts, you will get disturbance similar to the mirror in the water. Your mind and your picture will get blurred.

With Trance mediumship, the spirit communicator takes over in a way, but even then the subconscious mind of the medium may act in on the communication, and then again you may have the same disturbance. Also here the medium needs to reach for the highest, leaving their own thoughts behind and be more like a clear channel. If you can imagine a radio station where you are tuning in. If there is purity in the thought between the medium and the spirit world, then there is no interference and you will have an open line, but if there are many stations close by, it becomes difficult to tune in. We are sending you pure thoughts, but you will have to be in a position to tune in, because there are many on this side that are eager to send their thoughts. Then you may get interference.

We on this side communicate with the other spheres in a similar way. To reach higher spheres, we need purity of love, because up in the highest spheres, there is only pure love. So there is the answer. You have to create the right conditions for communication.

There are other forms of communication where physical manifestations are present. You have perhaps heard about rotating and levitated tables, flying trumpets and the Quia board. This is psychic energy. When we communicate in a physical manner through a table, we have to conquer the gravity force to make it answer you. We vitalise the table or the object through the psychic energy, through love, which is the greatest force in the universe. This makes the communication possible. It is a vital force and your thoughts are the substance. They are real. Think about Telepathy. It is a real thing to you because most of you have experienced it. Suddenly you have known what somebody is going to tell you. The thoughts have already reached you.

Then we have manifestations by physical means of human beings, materialisations. It´s real, but then we need Ectoplasm to materialize. Ectoplasm is the vital force of life. We use this substance, which is exteriorised by a medium. This is something you are familiar with through your bible, the materialisation of Christ, but he was not the first, nor the last. It has been performed all through the ages. My friend, when you read this, we know that it may sound unreasonable to your material senses, but I can assure you that materialisation is real. You have to study this, experience this yourself, then and first then you will be able to understand and perceive the works of the Almighty, the Great White Spirit.

We are here on earth to manifest the spirit so you can see that we are still alive. If you look in the mirror, you will not see more and further than the tip of your nose, but then my friend, you have not seen the most vital thing in life, because you cannot see your spirit within. To find the beauty you have inside you, you will have to dig deeper. It is something that you can find if you seek.

Communication with us is achievable, and we are longing to help you, but you will need to open the channel and listen to your inner being. When you rise in spirituality, you will understand more. Remember what Christ said: “that greater things you should do”. Materialisations have been done since ancient times. Christ showed the way, and he wanted us to follow his path and to demonstrate what he did. My friend, you are a spirit, and you can never die. For the time being, you live in a physical body, but you can never die. Your spirit has always existed and is eternal.

Our communication between this world and your world is our love for humanity. Because when you know that you can never die, you will change your outlook and your behaviour in this world to the better. We are here to make a better world, a world full of love and peace. That is why communication is so vital because you need to know that we are still here even though you cannot see us. We are close by, your friends are close by and they are working, trying to inspire you, even though you do not know that we are here. They are waiting for the flickering of your soul, when you look up and ask: Why are we here? Then we are close to you trying to tell you that we are alive, and that you someday will come and join us.

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