3. Christ´s and God´s Consciousness


God is the universal consciousness that knows the past, the present and the future. It is an infinite consciousness that has always existed. Your universe and your own consciousness is part of this consciousness. There are endless numbers of universes, and the mind of God is the universal consciousness where the wisdom, omnipresence and the love is the power that controls and manages all there is from the infinite small to the endlessness of the universe. The consciousness of God is all there is, and God is love. He has given us free will. He has given us our consciousness that started infinite small and has expanded to what you are today, like an infant that has his instincts given by the Almighty Spirit, and then develops in interaction between other human beings within the nature of God’s universe.

There is a seed in every one of us, and we can develop this to a paradise, to a heaven of love, and then find peace within ourselves. That is what Christ did. He developed his seed, God’s seed, to a glorious heaven within himself, where peace and love for his fellow beings became his ultimate consciousness.

Christ knew that he was a spiritual being and that his spiritual body survived death of the physical body. He knew this because he was in communion with the spirit world, as also is written in the scriptures. Christ’s consciousness and his spirituality opened all the doors to God’s wisdom when on earth. He knew that we all have to develop ourselves spiritually when here on earth. He knew that this was the key to heaven inside yourself where you can find peace and tranquillity.

Christ said, “I am the Truth, the Way and the Light”. He knew how you have to gain spirituality by love of your fellow beings, by giving charity, by helping others, by being tolerant towards others and by giving of yourself. He knew that justice prevails even though it is a hardship to pass the school of life. The mourners will not mourn anymore when coming to the spirit world, the real life, the spiritual life. There will be no more suffering and injustice. Selfishness of this world will come to an end sometime and your earth will be like heaven, where there is justice, love and happiness, but it is yours and everyone’s task to make this world a better place, a world in love between human beings, a world in peace, a world where all people can help each other, where equality among human beings is the foremost objective.

Love was the consciousness of Christ. That is what we should strive for. To achieve spirituality where we love our fellow beings and find peace in ourselves. Let go of selfishness and the urge for power that makes so many people suffer in this world.

Melt yourself into God’s consciousness, which is love in its purity. Love is all there is. Love is everything in your world and our world and that is of God’s beauty. Christ wants us to love each other, no matter what. That is the supreme consciousness.

There is no selection of people based on their belief in the spirit world. All you have when you open that gate is your spirituality and your consciousness. The more you love your fellow beings, the more you help others, the more you see others as equal to yourself, the higher your spirituality will become, because we are all the same and of the same importance in the eyes of the Almighty. Let love reign in your heart and you will climb toward the consciousness of God and his love.

To struggle is part of life here on earth. Being in God’s consciousness is where you will find wisdom. That is where we all seek to find wisdom.

When you look into nature and see a flower bloom, how can that be without the wisdom of our God in heaven? People of the earth look at a flower and say: Well that is a beautiful flower, but they don’t let it in to their own consciousness for evaluation. Why is this flower so beautiful? Why are there so many kinds of flowers? Why do they have so many different structures? How can they raise themselves from a small seed and flourish into such beauties, if there were no wisdom and consciousness behind?

You are part of the universal consciousness, because you have God within yourself, the seed from the Almighty. Make your contribution with love and wisdom that you have achieved in the school of life on earth, to the universal consciousness. That is our ultimate objective, to give and be part of the supreme consciousness of love.

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