29. Tolerance for All

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Religions in your world have been intolerant, where certain beliefs and creeds that have been misinterpreted and misunderstood have set the agenda for how to be part of their principles and systems. I can say this: that in the world beyond we know that certain dogmas are not of love and are not true because your Father in heaven is unconditional love. He does not require any sacrifice of any kind. He wants you to find his love within yourself, his love that made you, the spirit within yourself.

Religions in your world have brought charity to the poor, but they have also misused their power. They have been used for evil and good, but your Father in heaven only sees the pathway of love in any principle and that is what you must do as well.

Christ was “the truth, the way and the light” as you have from your scriptures, and that is so true because he knew the truth, he showed you how to behave, the love that you should have for your neighbour and for your Father. He was the light for the world and when discarnate he returned in materialised form on earth and showed you that there is no death, that life continues. But from your scriptures you also have the saying that “you cannot come to your Father except through me.” My friend, if you believe that he could redeem your failures, your sins on earth, that is misinterpreted. You have to redeem yourself through love for your neighbour, through love for your Father, through love for your brothers and sisters on the earth plane, that are all children of God. We are all children of God. That miscomprehension of the words should be understood as the way of life. You have to fill yourself with love; you have to nourish the spirit within yourself into a treasure as Christ did. He became love and was one with his Father. He became in oneness with his Creator, and so can you, my friend. You can be the light, the way and the truth yourself.

Christ showed the way, the way of life, the truth of life, that there is no death, that we all survive our physical death here on earth and that the spirit revives and lives on in the world beyond, to a life where you can meet such beauty that is indescribable or to a life of emptiness if you have not fulfilled yourself, if you have not given love to your brothers and sisters on earth, if you have just been selfish and have only had thoughts for and about yourself, and if you have been cruel to other human beings or animals, then you will meet such conditions that you created for yourself, and that is what you may term heaven or hell on this side, a beauty or an emptiness. My friend, do not come emptyhanded to this world. Show tolerance towards all your brothers and sisters, towards all your fellow beings on earth; show tolerance because that is of love, that is of God, tolerance for all.

On the Bridge of Love, you can find the truth of life. Christ made the conditions for building the Bridge of Love, as you have from your scriptures when he in his love created such a bridge between our two worlds, where Moses and Elijah came through as materialised beings on Mount Hermon. Many from ancient times have materialised, and it is the same nature, the same God, the same conditions that you need for the Bridge of Love.

The Bridge of Love is built by the hands of God. It is built by love, in love for you so you can have communion with your friends and dear ones that have passed on to the spirit world, that have passed to the world beyond, that are as real as yourself. Love is real, love is substance, love is what you were made of, what everything has been made of. But you cannot see this with your physical eyes, you have to heighten yourself, you have to nourish the seed within yourself and climb spiritually towards your Father, towards his love, and you will understand, you will comprehend this wisdom of life, you will comprehend nature itself: that there are no miracles, that everything is of God and has been there from time immemorial, and is still there for you to evolve and to discover the truth of life itself.

Tolerance is to show love, is to give of yourself, is to accept people that have other beliefs, creeds and dogmas. You must be tolerant, because people that do not have the truth, that cling to certain creeds, beliefs, that are irrational, are not sufficiently evolved spiritually. They are afraid of losing their ground. They need tolerance; they need to find the treasure within themselves as you have found the truth of being on the Bridge of Love. They need to find the same truth themselves. They have to turn their face towards their Father, and ask for guidance, ask for his wisdom, for there is the truth. But I can say this to you, my friend: that there is nothing to fear, because God is love. When you keep his love in your heart, you can never go wrong.

Do not fear the people that have passed on from this earth plane, that are invisible to you, because when you have love in your heart, you will attract to yourself spirits of the same attitude as yourself, spirits that will help you, that will be part of your life, that will guide you in your endeavours. When you come to us in love, when you walk the Bridge of Love with love in heart, you will be met by spirits, messengers of God, that bring the treasure, that build the bridge in love together with you, because when love prevails you are blessed by your Father in your work.

We all survive the physical death, regardless of religion, regardless of beliefs and dogmas that have been created on the earth plane. You all come to the spirit world, you are all eternal beings, and I can assure you that you will be met by tolerance because that is of God, that is of love, that is of heaven.

We from the world beyond know your struggles in life. We know the material life because we have been there, we have the experience, we know all the difficulties, and for us there are no secrets on the earth plane. We can see and feel how everything has been made. Your thoughts are real to us, as in the world beyond, because we communicate by thoughts. We know your thoughts before you even say them. We know your minds, and we can help you. We can show you the way. We are the wisdom of God bringing love to your earth plane. We are here to heal your world. We are here to bring heaven on earth, bring you all the good things in life.

When you meet people that offend you, that have certain opinions, opinions that are not of love, then my friend, raise yourself above and be tolerant, try to help, try to show the pathway towards love, but if there is ignorance then leave, because then there will be another time where evolvement has made the pathway and the mind has opened up for new ideas, new thoughts and new adventures in life. Be tolerant, be patient, give love.

Do not rush any thoughts towards anyone. If your thoughts of reason and love are not received or not accepted, then let those thoughts stay and time will evolve the minds of people, because you live in a world where evolution prevails, and nothing comes by revolution.

Tolerance is charity. Give of yourself even though your thoughts do not penetrate the wall of ignorance of other people. They need your help, your assistance, even though they do not have the same thoughts as you, even though they do not perceive the wisdom of life. You must share, you must give of yourself, you must bring love to all children on this earth plane. That is your mission, that is to be tolerant, that is tolerance without demanding anything in return. That is unconditional love.

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