29. Serve

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Why are you here on earth, my friend? What is the meaning of life?
Where did I come from, and where is my destiny? What will happen to me when I leave this planet? Did I come to this planet of my own will?

Many such questions come to mind when you live on earth, in this material world. It is a world of beauty, it is a world where you can enjoy yourself and find happiness, find the good things in life when you have the necessities to sustain yourself and your family. Your beautiful blue planet is a question to your mind, how it has come about when you see, out there in the universe at night, all the stars twinkling in your eyes, and you know that they might have planets that are inhabited like your own Planet Earth.

All these questions are there for you in life to reflect upon and to find answers to, through your wisdom of history, science and technology. My friend, you are here to serve, you are here for a mission, and I will give you the answers to these questions, answers from the world beyond.

You have been given this life here on earth to walk the school of life to enhance yourself spiritually, to find the meaning of life, to see that you are here on earth to give of yourself, because you are a spirit of God, and you came here by your own free will, you came here to learn and to raise yourself. You were given the opportunity by your Creator to find the pathway in life where you could bring your love and his love to your fellow beings, to serve. Your planet is but one of a vast universe of billions of stars and planets, of solar systems. My friend, it is inconceivable to believe that Earth is the only planet that is inhabited in the universe. And that is correct, you are not alone in this universe, but you are given this blue planet to fulfil the creation brought to you in love by your Creator. Because it is in love that you find your true self, it is in love you become one in the consciousness of God and his wisdom. It is in love that you will find all the answers to yourself and to your life.

Serve your fellow beings; serve all the children on the earth plane. Do not exalt yourself because you are all of the same love, you are all of the same Creation. From the scriptures, you have the saying that Christ washed the feet of his friends. He was their servant as he was their master, because he did not exalt himself. He was a humble servant of the Almighty Spirit, he was a messenger of God, and so can you be, my friend. You can be a messenger of the love that your Creator brought to your world, that he brought to you so you could have your life here on earth, so you could keep your physical body alive.

All has been given to you for you to fulfil yourself, for you to serve his creation so you can be one in this love that made you and Planet Earth. Be one in harmony with nature and with your fellow beings, your brothers and sisters on earth, and you will have peace and tranquillity because that is how you bring love and that is how you receive love.

To serve is to love, is to care, is to give of yourself. Forget yourself in service and you exalt yourself spiritually, you bring wealth to your mind, the wealth of God, the wisdom of love. Listen, my friend, to serve is to bring love, to make yourself unselfish, to bring kindness and friendliness. That is the highest ideal of life. Bring yourself in harmony with the consciousness of love, of God, God within, heaven within you, the love that you were given, that you were part of when you came to this earth, the love of your Creator that gave you this wonderful opportunity to find and build the treasure of love within that you can bring with you on your pathway on earth, a treasure that does not rust to mould, that you will have forever in your mind, that you can bring along to the world beyond, that will be your paradise, the love that you brought to the world that you used to serve your family on earth.

God is love. He served you when he gave you love, when he made your life so you could find the path towards his kingdom of love. He is the good parent that gave you a new world of opportunities, of challenges, so you could learn, so you could bring the love that he gave you at birth, that he wanted you to bring out in your world, to serve, to be his messenger on earth in love for all of his children. That is how to serve, that is how you build heaven within you, that is the love of your Father that you can bring to the world, to your Mother Earth, to the human race, to his creation of love.

Let love prevail in your heart, and let your heart serve your life.

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