29. Mediumistic Development


In the school of life on earth you have a class, an upper class, where you will come in position to communicate with the spirit world. Before you can attend this class you will have to complete the classes of spirituality, the teachings of spirituality, the teachings of love and unselfishness. It sounds like an easy task because you have love within, and you have to sustain your physical body, and that is not selfishness, but raising yourself spiritually high above materialism will cause a radical change within you. When you forget about yourself, when love is filled within your heart, when love is something you feel the need to bring forward to everyone you meet on your pathway in life, then you are raising yourself high above the mundane things of the earth. You see, there is a beauty within yourself that you have to nurture, that you have to build up, and this is something you will know is there when the Almighty Spirit pours pure love over you. Then you will feel a true change of mind in life.

When you are prepared, when you have the spiritual awareness, when you are aware of the beauty that you have within, that was at first a seed and that you have nurtured with your spiritual endeavours, that you have developed in love for your fellow beings, that you have developed by casting aside your vanity and your selfishness, when you have found truthfulness and honesty as the foremost nature of your self that you will not deviate from, that you will not deceive, then, my friend, you are in a position to attend the class of mediumistic development.

My friend, this is a long road to travel. We are all mediums, but you want to be in a position where you have raised yourself to such a level where, with no feverish anxiety, with no fear, you can walk the Bridge of Love and meet your fellow beings on the other side of the veil. When you meet us in pure love, you will attract to yourself souls from this side, from the spirit world, that have raised themselves spiritually, and that will come to you and show you the way.

In this class of teachings, you will need calm and perseverance, calmness within your mind and an abundance of patience. As I have told you, it is a long road to travel, but you will be given the ability to climb step by step. Nothing will be rushed upon you. Everything in the teachings of mediumistic development will follow a ladder suited to you, because we are all different, we are individuals with different abilities, with different knowledge and experience in life. Your spirit guide, your guardian angel, will be watching over you, will stand beside you and guard you and keep you within the pathway that is right for you.

As time goes by, some within their development will say that they feel the presence of spirits. Well, you need to get used to that, you will have your guides around you, and you will also have friends that you don’t know from the earth plane, but that are friends you have in the spirit world. You see, when you are asleep you travel to the spirit land when you have raised yourself. Then, you meet friends that you become acquainted with that form part of your team and that are helping you in your spiritual mediumship.

From the scriptures, it is said that you should be careful with having communion with the spirit world and yes, we agree, because you have around you, on the earth level, spirits of different spirituality. You have frivolous spirits that do not give you sound advice, and you have good spirits, spirits of a higher spiritual degree, that have elevated themselves towards God, that will give you good advice. Use your knowledge, use your logic, and listen to your inner mind. When you are inspired with good thoughts, with loving thoughts, then you can be sure that you have your friends talking to you. When you are influenced by frivolous spirits, by undeveloped, imperfect spirits, you know with your knowledge of right from wrong that their thoughts are impure and not from your friends and spirit guide. All of you have a spirit guide of an elevated nature, superior to yourself spiritually, and they will give you good advice only.

From your scriptures, the prophets from ancient times were all in communion with the spirit world. That’s where they received their knowledge, that’s where they received the message from God because he sent his messengers, his messengers that gave them pure teachings of love. But there has been misinterpretation and miscomprehension over time, and text has been misconstrued with a comprehension that communication with the spirit world should not be attended. My friend, of course, that must be wrong, because Christ showed the way. He was in communion with spirits that had been on the earth plane themselves. Christ and other prophets from ancient times were of such mediumistic development that they could differentiate between good and undeveloped spirits, between perfect and imperfect spirits, and so can you my friend.

Everything is made possible on the Bridge of Love. When you come with the spirit of Christ, in his love, everything is possible. Christ was a human being. He was one of the greatest mediums that have walked on the earth plane. He showed the way in love to have communion with the spirit world. God has given you the opportunity. He has given you the sense within, the sense apart from your physical five senses. It is a sense of the mind, the spiritual mind that you can feel in your third eye. In your Pineal gland there is a small gateway that you can develop. It is a tunnel of light that goes through your Pineal gland. That is the gateway of your physical body, of your physical mind, of your spiritual mind to the spirit world.

Nurture the beauty, the seed that you received at birth that was given to you by your Almighty Father. When you nurture this seed you will open up your third eye and you might feel a slight pressure in your forehead, and that is a sign that you are given when connecting yourself with your spirit guide. If you are anxious about this slight pressure when you raise yourself, then go to your physician and have an examination. If nothing is wrong with your physical body, then, my friend, you will know that you are on the pathway of mediumistic development.

Meditate and seek God. Enter into prayer, and pray that your spirit guide, your guardian angel, will guide you. They will watch over you and hold you in their hands. You are safe when you go with God, and then you are on the right pathway, because when you are travelling the road with love and no selfishness, when you travel the road to be in communion with God, with your friends and loved ones, with your spirit guide, then they will build a wall of light around you so you are not taken by mischievous spirits and given the wrong advice. You see, my friend, as long as you have love within yourself, you are guarded. That is the road to travel, but you need to be cautious when you travel the road of mediumistic development. Study and travel the road of spirituality before you enter your mediumistic pathway.

Before you walk the Bridge of Love towards communion with the spirit world, you need to build the Bridge of Love with the hands of God, because it is in his love you can build a bridge that will have sufficient strength. The Bridge of Love is there for you, it is a creation by God, and it will be open when you come to us in love, when you come to us when you have left the passions of materiality, when you have left the passions of the earth, when you have conquered yourself and you have raised yourself in love for your Father in heaven.

When you have such spirituality, when you come to us in pure love, you can walk the Bridge of Love without fear, because then you have the power, the mightiest power in the universe behind you, which is love from God.

We are humble servants of the Almighty Father, and we come to you to tell the truth of life. We come to you in love, and when we can meet and unite in love, we are in the hands of our Creator. Then, we fulfil his creation on the Bridge of Love.

Meditate, my friend, study, pray for guidance, and let love reign over your heart. Be calm and have perseverance. Conquer your own passions, raise yourself towards your Almighty Father, and you will have his blessing and his hands will carry you in your own development, in your endeavours towards union in love with the spirit world and the Creator.

You can do the works that Christ did, and he also said: “Greater works you shall do”. By mediumistic development, you will raise yourself towards the works that are ahead of you, and love is the key that will open all the doors for you.

Go in peace, my friend, and have faith in God, your Father in heaven who will always be part of you and who will never ever leave you.

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