29. In Truth

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The Creation of love brought alive on Earth,
A seed of love, manifested within,
Love from God on Earth,
That is you, my friend.

In truth, you are more than you can perceive,
You are more than you can see with your physical eyes.
In truth, you are a spirit of God, an eternal being,
A spirit that survives the physical death.

In truth, the physical body will perish one day;
You yourself will live on, your true self.
The character, the personality, is yours
Even though death takes the physical flesh away.

Life, death and life,
A continuing journey,
A wonderful journey to learn on Earth
The meaning of life,
The love that you can give of yourself.
What a wonderful life,
What a wonderful beauty of love you can give of yourself.

In truth, life is you.
In truth, God is within.
In truth, your will is for you to choose.
In truth, free will has been given to you.
In truth, we are one.

Your free will, make that God’s will,
Make that the will of love,
Love for everyone,
Care for everyone.

What you give, you receive.
When you give love, you receive love.
When you let egoism predominate over yourself, you create emptiness,
No place to be, no place in neither your world nor my world.
Leave that empty place and fill your heart with love,
Fill yourself will love,
That makes it beautiful, both in your world and my world.

A wonderful life is created by your own love
That you can share in truth.
That is God’s will, let that be your will, the will of love,
The beauty of life.

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