29. Heaven and Hell


We all have a relationship to heaven, to something beautiful, a place where we will enjoy our time, and where we can be in the presence of God. But most people of the earth don’t know heaven nor what you call hell. I will first of all say that there is no hell, but there are many spheres and some you will characterize as heaven and some you may term hell. With all undeveloped and developed stages in life, people make their own place in the spirit world. However, there is no such place where souls live in fire for eternity as your bible and other doctrines tell you as an explanation of hell. We all live in the spirit world, but we have different kinds of attitudes, thoughts and minds that we bring with us to this world.

If you have lived a life in love for your fellow beings, a life in unselfishness, a decent life, a life where you have shared and helped the less fortunate, done good deeds on earth and not misused any power, then, my friend, that is what you have in your mind, in your consciousness, and that is what you will receive when you enter the spirit world. You reap as you sow, and there is a harvest for everything. In the spirit world you will meet a wonderful atmosphere where we enjoy ourselves, and where there is beauty without description.

Now, for the people at the opposite end, that misused their power, that were cruel to other living beings, that were totally selfish, that did not share with anyone and were only thinking about themselves, then my friend, that is what they will have in their mind when they enter the spirit world. That will be their consciousness. What they did to others, what they did of cruelty to other living beings, they will experience on this side because people judge themselves in this world, and it is automatic, because that is implanted in the soul. The soul will experience the same cruelty and needs to repair all the misdeeds, but this does not come to all people at once. That’s why there are spirits on this side that are hiding themselves from other people in pure disgust for what they did. Here they have a natural mental disorder, when they have done evil things on earth, but we on this side see their misfortune. We help and try to raise them to find ways where they can expiate their errors and repair what they did wrong. But they have to find themselves; they have to see what they did. God is unconditional love, and we are all his children. We have to help each other. We have to help the least fortunate, because there is always a reason, always a reason. Some people lived their life on earth with tremendous love from their friends and family, some didn’t, some lost themselves, and when the earth didn’t catch them up and help them in their physical life, we on this side surely do.
Your world is progressing, but is still in deep despair with so much violence, so much cruelty, but you that are on earth need to find solutions for all people, and how do you do this? You do this by love, by sharing the natural resources of the earth between people to raise the living standard of all people. When selfishness prevails, when the misuse of power dominates many places on earth, it becomes a catastrophe, and it is your task to stop this kind of behaviour by sharing, by giving of yourself, by letting people know the consequences of their behaviour both on earth and in the spirit world, and by knowing that God sees everything and that love must prevail between all human beings.

On earth you build up the treasure that you bring along to the spirit world, and this treasure made on earth by love for people, by being unselfish, by doing good deeds, by being truthful to yourself, you can open up in the spirit world with a tremendous beauty within. All of us would like to have such a treasure. You can experience this treasure on earth as well, but the material aspect of life blinds you. Many seek possessions in vanity, seek money in excess to show themselves, to show their vanity, but what does it gain you to have all the material goods on earth, when you lose sight of the treasure that will last for ever? It is so simple, it is so simple a message that we bring forward to you, the message of God: “Love each other, share with each other, and help each other.”

Love is the only amendment, the only law, the only religion if you so wish. All religions were based on love and should be manifested by love, love for your fellow beings.

We can make an analogy. If you live a decent life on earth, a life in love for all living beings, a life in unselfishness, a life in truthfulness, you will also have a good life on earth. You will have peace within yourself. If you live a life in selfishness, a life where you didn’t care for others, a life where you were untruthful to your inner self, you will not have peace within. You will struggle and live a life in despair. Well my friend, in the spirit world, the main difference is that everything around you is made out of your own thoughts. You find yourself in the spirit world where your thoughts are attracted, and if your mind didn’t torture you on earth for evil deeds, it will do on this side, but if you did good deeds, you will receive exactly that in the spirit world. You reap as you sow.

You can have a wonderful life from the start when you enter the spirit world, when you have left your physical life. But then, my friend, you need to build the treasure of love that you can bring along to this world. That´s the only suitcase you can bring with you, the treasure of love within yourself.

All the mistakes you have done on earth, you can repair before you come to this side, and you repair them by love, by helping the weakest, by unselfishness, by good deeds. If we express it in one term, LOVE. God is unconditional love, and he does not judge you. You judge yourself when you reach your spiritual awareness, either on earth or in the spirit world. No one judges you in the spirit world, you judge yourself, and I can assure you that one day you will surely judge yourself to raise yourself, to raise yourself towards God, towards his Love, because that is the pathway for all of us, for all human beings. There is no other way.

Use your free will given to you by your Father in heaven. Use your free will in love. Then you will truly see that you are one with God. As Christ said: “I and my Father are one”. Christ showed the way to heaven. He told you to build the treasure of love, but people of the earth did not listen. My friend, use your logic, use your reasoning and you will know yourself that the treasure of love is the only way on earth and in the spirit world. Love is everything, because God is love.

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