28. The Mission of Mediumship

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We are all mediums. And what is your mission on earth? It is your mission to heal your world when you see children suffering due to war, due to cruelty done by human beings, when you see children undeveloped due to hunger, that are crying at their mother’s breast because their mother does not have sufficient nutrition to sustain the child for life.

My friend, why do you think mediumship is so necessary? When you with your material mind, with the selfishness of your world, cannot comprehend, do not understand, when you yourself cannot conquer the passions of the earth, cannot share the wealth and the resources, well, that is why the mission of mediumship is so important. And what is the mission? It is to erase selfishness from your world, to show you that spirituality is the answer to your problems, to show you that there is an eternity for all of you, that there is no death, that you survive your physical body, that you are responsible for your own behaviour because your own consciousness will someday catch up with you.

You have a responsibility. You have to edify yourself in morality. We are here from the spirit world to tell you the truth about life, so you can change and know how to raise your world, how to heal your world so the children of the earth can have a prosperous and wealthy life, so they don’t need to go hungry to bed, so they don’t need to fear the cruelty that humankind is pouring over your world. We have a wonderful message for you and that is love, love for your neighbour, because that is the answer to your suffering.

When you look out towards the universe, you see endless numbers of stars, you see the endlessness, and so it is with your life, it is endless, and the stars that you see upon the heaven, you have within yourself, because you are a replica of your universe. The atoms and the molecules within you are similarly a universe. There is birth and there is death within you, within the atoms, and so it is with the universe. An endlessness of births and an endlessness of stars dying, and that is the wisdom of God, and we are here to tell you the wisdom of God.

All the religions of your world have one fundamental belief in common and that is in God, and God is love, unconditional love. Everything else is your interpretation of life, is the wisdom you have acquired from ancient times through conversations and communication with the spirit world. Your prophets have all been in dialogue with the spirit world, with God that they have within themselves, the connection with the wisdom of the universe, the connection with the love of the universe. Everything that is poured over you that is of love, is from God. All the misbehaviour of the earth, all the cruelties, all the suffering are human made. God has given you the power to share, to conquer selfishness, to distribute his love and his resources between yourselves.

We have a mission to perform, and we know the truth of life. We have God within ourselves, as we all have, the seed from the Almighty Father, because we are all part of God. We are his messengers, and we come to you, we come to the earth plane to tell you to behave, to raise your morals, to edify yourselves, to raise yourselves in spirituality and that is to love humankind, to love your fellow beings, to erase selfishness from yourselves and from the surface of your world. When you cultivate love and honesty, you will heal your world.

Listen to what we are saying, my friend. We are here in love. We want you to heal the world and that is the mission of mediumship. We come to you with the blessing of our Father in heaven. We are humble servants. We are messengers of God and so can you be, a servant, a messenger in humbleness, because it is in humbleness you will find yourself, your real self. When you look at yourself, look at yourself as a medium, because as a medium you help others whether it is by thought or a physical act. You are a medium somehow, and the mission of mediumship is to help each other, to love each other and to raise yourselves towards your Father, toward the Almighty Spirit, towards God.

We are all one, and we must help each other. We are all children of God. Your Father as a good parent looks after his children, and we look after you, because we want to be in his picture, we want to be an example, we want to live after his love as a father and as a mother, because your Almighty Spirit is your Father and Mother, the Creator of the universe, the Creator of all there is, you and me, Mother Nature, the stars, the galaxies and the universes that you cannot see with your physical eyes, because there are many dimensions within the universe.

How can we tell you, if we were not given the mediumistic alternative, if we were not given the mission of mediumship? God gives everything to us; nothing comes on its own. Our Creator gives everything to us in love.

So, when we meet on the Bridge of Love, we communicate with you as they have done from ancient times, the prophets from your scriptures; they were all in communion with the spirit world, with God, that we are all part of.

Unfold your eyes, see further, climb the ladder of spirituality, lift yourself above the mundane things of your material world, because this is what you can bring along to the spirit world, when you someday pass on and travel to our land. If you have raised yourself, edified yourself in morality, if you have fulfilled your responsibilities on earth and done your mission as a loving being, you will meet such beauties that are beyond your comprehension when you arrive in the spirit world.

What a wonderful creation you are part of. What a wonderful life you have been given by your Creator a life, an eternal life and your good parents, your Father and Mother in heaven, carry you when you meet difficulties but you don’t know. They will not give you a task that you cannot master; everything is according to the universal laws. Everything is in order; every atom within you and in the universe is in its place.

The mission of mediumship is love.
The mission of mediumship is to heal your world.
The mission of mediumship is to give you peace of mind.
The mission of mediumship is to give you the wisdom of God.

God is love, unconditional love, and he has made mediumship possible.

What a wonderful opportunity you have as a medium.

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