28. Spirits on earth

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We are all spirits on earth, incarnate and discarnate spirits. Even though we have left the earth with our physical bodies, we still attend with our spiritual beings on earth.

There are many different reasons why we would like to be on the earth plane. When love prevails, when we have friends and relatives from family behind, that are still in their physical body, we care for them, we want to be with them, to inspire them, to help them in whatever way we can. This is the law of attraction.

We are attracted to our loved ones on earth; we are attracted to people and friends that share the same perspective. It’s a joy for us to be part of your company even though you don’t see us. We are still there and, as good spirits, we do not interfere with your earthly tasks, if that is of any negative influence. We are only to contribute with positive influence, with the help that we can give you, and with the understanding we have from our earthly lives and from our life in the spirit world, where we see that our attendance can be useful for your own lives on earth.

Like attracts like. Therefore you have spirits that are just curious and enjoy seeing that they can inspire you by frivolous thoughts, and this you should be aware of. When you receive a negative thought in mind, it does not need to be your own mindset, but it can be an influence from another soul. Disregard negative thoughts and bring only good thoughts into your mind. It is not that difficult, if you are conscious of yourself.

Good thoughts are from pure spirits, and negative thoughts are from undeveloped spirits that are still searching for their pathway of the good. These spirits you can help by dominating your own thoughts into the positive, and by showing them that their negative influence is of no consequence. Just disregard any negative thoughts from your mind. Fill your mind with love, tolerance, with helpfulness towards your fellow beings, then you shield yourself from any negative thoughts, either from a discarnate spirit, or an incarnate spirit.

Your fellow beings on earth that try to influence you with thoughts that are of the negative sort, thoughts of slandering, thoughts of raising their own being in vanity, and want your sympathy for what they are doing, show them your integrity, that you have your own mindset, and that you have own positions in life to guard. Show them that dishonesty is of no value, and that money and possessions in excess on earth are of no value to you. Show them that your earthly career is based on other and higher values; values of love, of honesty, and of truthfulness to yourself. They will surely notice that what they thought was the right thing to do, was exactly the opposite, it was wrong, it was wrong to exaggerate themselves, to lift themselves on the cost and premises of others.

Lift yourself by helping others and by leaving vanity behind. Then, my friend, you show the people of the earth and people of the spirit world, the right attitudes and the right behaviour when you are alive in your physical body.

You that are in the physical body can be a light, not only for your fellow beings on earth, but also for spirits that are no longer in their physical body, but also are still on earth to learn. They are on earth because they have not raised themselves, their consciousness, to a higher level of understanding. That is not to say that spirits of the earth are of the same level of spirituality, because good spirits that love to be around you, to help you, to find peace in heart, enjoy also being part of your earthly plane. Good thoughts attract good thoughts, good spirits, and this is what you should concentrate your mind on. We are all alive, even though the physical body is left behind. We are human beings, and we are real.

Live your life here on earth with understanding of the spirit world, and that you are here on earth to learn the school of life, and when you have raised yourself here on earth with a consciousness of love, the gateway to the spirit world, when you leave your physical body, it is easy, it is like opening a new door. You will be real, so real that you question yourself if you have left your physical body at all.

When you have raised yourself spiritually, you leave selfishness behind, you enjoy seeing your loved ones and friends, enjoy seeing them being happy, you wish them happiness and you wish them love. Then you are a good spirit.

Even though you are clothed with your physical body, your spiritual body is your eternal being. One day in the future you will be part of the light, the light of God when you will leave behind even your spiritual body, but not your individuality. Then, you are truly part of God’s wisdom. See, my friend, you will truly appreciate the school of life on earth, when you leave your physical body behind. Then you will see the worth, the value of your life. Be sure that you concentrate your life on the good values, a world of love, a world of charity, a world of unselfishness where you yourself raised other spirits on earth.

Your physical body is merely a coat; your spiritual self is you. Know yourself by raising yourself in love for God, in love for the beauties of nature, in love for your fellow beings, in love for the world.

We are all children of God, and we are here on earth to learn in the spirit of God. All is well, my friend, all is well.

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