28. Peace, Love & Honesty

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Such beautiful words, keep them close to your heart. In your world such words are spoken, but not adhered to, and they all form part of your integrity. In your world there are different tongues of speech, and it is difficult to know the meaning of such words when they come from people that do not have their selfrespect, that do not care for other beings, that only speak out of their selfish motives and vanity. People that utter words of peace, love and honesty are forming words that are heavenly, that are of God, and such words should be of your highest values in life.

Imagine what kind of world you would have if such words as peace, love and honesty were adhered to, put in practice, then you would have heaven on earth, because peace is love, love is peace, and honesty binds them together. In those three words you have true integrity, then you can be trusted, then you have found your true self, then you care for others, then you want to create a harmonious place on earth, a harmonious world, because you yourself are speaking the words of God, the wisdom of your Creator.

Your world is suffering; your world is in despair and in war due to Man’s ignorance, due to Man’s selfishness, due to Man’s cruelty, due to Man’s inhumanity. God gave you the word from the beginning that created you and all there is, and that word is love. He created all in this world; he created a world of peace and love and wanted you to find this treasure in life, an honest desire to find the wisdom of life itself.

You have been given the intellect, the logic and the reasoning to differentiate, to know right from wrong. You have been given the words of wisdom from God, and you are misbehaving because you are still making a world that suffers. You must find a way out of this neverending blasphemous behaviour, a behaviour that is not of God, a behaviour that is caused by your own selfishness and by misuse of power. It is truly dishonesty to be part of such a world where there is no care for your brothers and sisters, for the children of the world, the children of God.

Raise yourself towards these words of love, and be honest with your self, with your true self, the spirit within that can never die, that you will have to meet one day face to face and where you will have to answer for your misdeeds in your world, where you will have to see the traces that you made on the earth plane. My friend let that be a reflection of joy and not of tears. You are here on earth to make your position in life, you are here to rectify your world’s behaviour, you are here to erase the suffering of your world and there is one way out of your misconceptions of yourself and that is true peace, love and honesty. There is no death my friend; there is eternal life for all. And this knowledge is crucial for raising your world towards a higher spiritual level, where you have love among your brothers and sisters and where there dwells a peaceful harmony around and above your world, where you will be truthful to yourself and to your family on earth. God made all this for you to raise yourself; he made your beautiful blue planet for you to find your true self, to find the way for peace and love on the earth plane, to find the truth of life itself.

Be honest with yourself; ask yourself if your direction in life is towards the oneness with your Father, towards the love that he created for you, that he created for your world. God has revealed everything to you in Mother Nature and in your life, and it is given to you every day, the knowledge and the wisdom of your Father, but you will have to open your eyes, you will have to reflect, you will have to search within who you truly are. The revelation of God is given to you and you can meet the hands of God on the Bridge of Love, because the communion between your world and our world is real, and is there for you to grasp, is there for you to seek and find, because when you seek you shall find the answer to life itself.

On the Bridge of Love you will find peace, you will find honesty when you search within yourself in love, because

It is in love you find honesty,
It is in love you find truthfulness,
It is in love you find the wisdom of life,
It is in love you find the truth of yourself,
It is in love you find your spirit within.

God created love, God created you in love for your brothers and sisters, so you could be here on the earth to serve, to bring the love from heaven to the earth plane. Know your mission, my friend, know why you are here, know your destination, know the wisdom of life, the wisdom of God, so you can walk the pathway that will leave a beauty of yourself behind, a beauty that will be transparent in the world beyond, that you can enjoy, where you can find happiness, where you can find peace, love and honesty.

Heaven on earth is your mission. Heal your world, and make your world wonderful as God made it wonderful. Peace, love and honesty are the wisdom of God, are the treasure that you can build within yourself. This is the treasure that is attainable for you in your life on earth; it is there for you as a source of life itself, because it is of God.

Let the children of the earth meet the words of peace, love and honesty when they open their eyes on this beautiful blue planet, when they smile to the world, and say to you: “I come from the world where love, peace and honesty are the way of life. I am here in this world to bring this knowledge forth. I am here to give of myself. Here are my hands. Help me to bring this message forward to your world.” That is the little child bringing the message to your world when they open their arms asking for you to hold them, to bring love, to find peace, love and honesty in your world.

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