28. In Silence

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When you read this topic, when you read this text, you should find yourself a quiet place where you for a while can be in solitude, where you for a while can put away any doubts, any fears, put away your troubled mind that you experience in your material world.

Now, when you are in quietude, you bring your mind at peace by focusing on this light of love, the bright light within yourself. Imagine that this light evolves into your star, the sun that you can see in the sky on a bright clear day. But this light does not hurt your eyes. It is pleasant, it brings you calmness and tranquillity, it keeps you in peacefulness, it is a light that you have received, that you have always kept deep inside you from birth, because it is your spirit. It is the spirit of God that you see within yourself because, my friend, you are an eternal being, you are more than your physical flesh, you are a creation of God, a child of your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, your parents that are always there for you when you seek for them, when you seek their guidance, when you turn to them in love. They are love, they are there for you, they are there bringing you thoughts of comfort, bringing you thoughts of stillness so you can have rest, so you can find your true self.

It is in silence that you find the wisdom of God, and it is there within yourself as thoughts, so you can meet yourself, so you can have the revelations brought to your mind that you pick up from Mother Nature every day. But most people do not reflect on what they see in nature because they take their material plane and its love for granted. When you sit like this, you feel comfortable, you feel the love from heaven and you are in communion with your Creator. God reveals himself to you when you sit in silence, when you search within yourself, when you feel the love and the wisdom he gives you, that he says to you, that you are part of and must give to your brothers and sisters on earth. You become one in him, when you become love yourself. That silences your mind, that gives you peace of mind, that brings the light that you have within to your conscious self when you walk the path of love on the earth plane.

This light is being converted and permeates a beautiful garden. Now, my friend, you see the other world, the world beyond in all its beauties, transparent to your world, where you have found a peaceful and calm place in nature, where you see the colours in their purity, colours that are beyond description, flowers, trees, mountains, the ocean, small becks of water, running calmly. The animals are alive, they are there coming to you and you are not afraid of them, there are the wild animals: the lion, the elephant, the panther, they are all there bringing you comfort, telling you that they are your friends, because in the world beyond we understand the animals and they understand us. Thoughts are the language of heaven. All of a sudden you forgot that you were sitting in silence, in solitude, because you have experienced a glimpse of the next world, the world beyond, its beauties, its peace and love.

The light is still there, the light within yourself is always there, and the communion with your Creator is always there when you turn yourself to your Father and Mother in heaven, they are always there, you are never alone. God is within, because you are a spirit of God.

Silence your mind and love is brought to you for your mission on earth, for your life, so you can be a light for your fellow beings, a light of love, as your Father and Mother in heaven are for you. God is love, the light is love, be his love on earth.

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