28. Care

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The poor, the misfortunate,
They are there for your eyes.
Cruelty, violence, hatred,
Thoughts of disharmony,
That your world can see every day.

Egoism and greed, misuse of power,
Leaders of the world, people of your world, human beings
That cannot comprehend the wisdom of life,
God’s love that gave you life,
That brought you into being, to fulfil his Creation of love.

The material life blindfolds people
Even though nature reveals the beauties
That were all given for you to understand,
For you to apprehend, comprehend, life,
That there is no death,
That you are eternal spirits given a life on Earth,
To find the truth,
To care for your fellow beings, for your brothers and sisters,
Care for each other; that is the wisdom of God.

Care, a powerful and a simple word.
It is in its simplicity that you find God’s wisdom,
In moderation.
It is when you humble yourself, when you let go of egoism,
That you raise yourself towards the wisdom, towards life itself.

Care, Share, Love.
That is the beauty of life,
That is your mission on Earth,
A mission brought to you by God
That he revealed to you in nature,
The unconditional love that you can see with your own eyes.

The sight of love and care,
Is there for you to share.
The sight that you can manifest with your love,
With your hands on Earth.

Let the wisdom that is revealed to you,
The wisdom and the sight of the revelations,
God’s revelations brought alive on Earth,
Let them show you the path towards heaven within,
Towards the beauty of life,
A beauty that will open up for your eyes on my side of life,
An unimaginable beauty for you that live on Earth.

Love makes that beauty,
Care for everyone,
That is love,
That is God’s will, and his will is love, love for all.

Care – Care – Care – Care.
Let that be your heartbeats,
Heartbeats of love for your fellow beings,
For your family on Earth.

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