27. You Reap as You Sow


The wisdom of God is brought to you through Mother Nature. What you sow in the wisdom of God, you reap in his wisdom that is the law of cause and effect. It is a universal law that is in operation, that is the wisdom of your Creator.

When you sow the seed of a rose, you expect that the rose will grow through the mould and show itself in its beauty when you have cared for its nutrition. When you have given good ground for this beautiful flower it will turn up as the wisdom of your Creator, because the seed of a rose will not become anything else but the rose. So, my friend, you reap as you sow, that is nature’s law.

In your daily life, the same rule applies. When you sow love, you reap love. You reap what you have brought to your fellow beings, you reap this within yourself, there is a harvest immediately when you give love, or at a later time when you see that your seed of this fruit from God gave germination and brought a beautiful life for others.

Selfishness in the earthly life, in the material world, may bring wealth, abundance of the material goods and possessions of the earth. It may seem to you as a good thing for you in life, but when you reflect upon your actions, your deeds, when you see that you have behaved selfishly, that you have only had thoughts for yourself and your own family and no others, you will bring to yourself the reverse. The happiness you felt from the wealth will turn into disharmony in your life because, my friend, when you see all the children that are suffering, people that did not have their necessities in life, that were caught by illness due to lack of love, due to lack of care, then you will turn to yourself and ask your consciousness: “Did I do the right thing? Why did I only think about myself?” Then you will say: “I was caught by materialism, I did not see the spiritual life where the actual beauty was hidden, the beauty of my self, the love that I received from my Father, that I did not share, that I brought only to myself.” When you come to the world beyond, you will see this clearly; you will see that the wealth you had acquired on earth was of no value. It brought you disharmony if you did not have love for others, if you only thought about yourself, because you were given the life on earth to bring love from your Creator, that he gave you to raise yourself on the earth plane, to raise yourself spiritually, to find your true self, to see that love, that unselfishness, that care and charity were the essential lessons for you to learn and achieve, and that vanity and the misuse of power drawn to you by the wealth that you acquired, brought you misfortune and emptiness in the world beyond.

But, my friend, you do not need to wait until you come to my world before you see what your life is about, what you are on the material plane to accomplish. You can find the path of spirituality when you are here, when you are alive in your physical body, you can create a beautiful treasure within yourself, and you create heaven within when you give of yourself, when you share, when you bring harmony and love to your brothers and sisters on earth. You will see that monetary gain was of no value, that monetary gain was there to sustain your life and your family and to bring charity to the misfortunate. You will see that a life in modesty and in simplicity was the way of life, was the way that brought you happiness and peace of mind, that brought you the blessing from your Father in heaven, that gave you a paradise on earth as well as in heaven, the heaven that you have within yourself.

The crude will meet themselves, and the hurt they caused others, they will experience themselves. The savage will meet themselves as victims of their own deeds, of their own behaviour. That should remind you, my friend, that all reap as they sow. The kind human being will meet their kindness both on earth and in the world beyond, but in the spirit world you will meet your true self, and your true self will experience what you brought of yourself to other human beings and to Mother Nature. You see, there is no escape, there is no escape for any one. You will be the victim of your own actions, of your own life.

So, my friend, when you know this, ask yourself what you are here for on the earth plane, the meaning of life. My friend, you are here to accomplish the task that you were given when you were born, to bring love to your family on earth, to raise yourself spiritually and that is done by love, that is done by love for your fellow beings so you can fulfil the creation that was made out of love. Do not go astray; keep yourself on the path that brings you fortune and wealth of the spiritual kind, the wealth of love, of kindness, of friendliness, of care for all. Forget about yourself in service, in service for humanity, and you will be crowned and blessed by your Father. You can build and have this beauty when on earth, and it will be your sight when you come to this world because you make your own world in the world beyond. It is your mind that makes your world, and this world of mine is a creative world, it is not a mechanical world.

Your mind is reality; your mind will create your environment, your thoughts, and your beauty that you can see with your spirit eyes, that you cannot see with your physical eyes. Your physical eyes can see the material world, and not the world beyond. And I am now telling you that your mind is reality. Know this, my friend, know this, that you become your true self when you arrive on this side, one day when you leave your physical body behind. Make sure that you brought love to your life and to others, make sure that you brought charity and love to your brothers and sisters on earth, and I can promise you a world of beauty, a mind of love in the consciousness of your Creator, because then, my friend, you become one with God in the kingdom of love.

You reap as you sow, remind yourself of this expression that you have from your scriptures as well, and it is the truth, it is as you can see from Mother Nature, the truth, it is only the truth.

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