27. Spirit Guides


In your daily life you have your friends and your family looking after you, friends and loved ones you are spending time with and enjoy the company of. You discuss with them topics of interest to you, and when problems arise they give you comfort, and likewise you give your thoughts of comfort. You rejoice in happiness when something beautiful is happening, and even when you have quarrels, you stay together and forgive each other. You raise yourselves together and learn from your mistakes.

You visit friends and family on earth, your fellow beings that are still in their physical body and that you regard with your physical senses in your daily life. They are part of you, now and then, and so it should be in life. Now, when it comes to the spirit world, your friends and family that you cannot see, that are still with you, that are alive and more real than yourself, they have the liberty to be with you whenever they wish. At this very moment, you have a friend, a spirit guide watching over you giving you a positive influence, because your spirit guide is superior to the ward, superior to you, in elevation, in spirituality, because you have a spirit guide that wishes you well, and spirit guides will always be of a good nature.

Your spirit guide is there, given to you by God. It is the will of your Father in heaven that your guide performs. They operate in the consciousness of the Almighty Spirit. They are themselves directed by superior spirits, by messengers of God, and they have a task to fulfil, a task that may be troublesome, because if you are not spiritually inclined at the moment, and where your material passions and selfishness are of a higher degree, then they are working hard to influence you to see the perspective in life.

Your spirit guide has a sentiment for you because like attracts like, even though good spirits of higher spirituality do not differentiate between human beings that have raised themselves. Spirit guides see and feel what you are striving for on the earth plane, because they have been on the earth plane themselves and know the passions and the hardship of the physical flesh. They know that you have to conquer and raise yourself, raise yourself above selfishness, so you can fill yourself with love, which is the opposite of selfishness, of greed, of vanity and the need for power.

Love is the foremost influence that your spirit guide is pouring over you, so you can learn. Your guide is standing by and when you on your pathway have different routes to choose from, you will hear a voice within yourself, that says to you: “My friend, if you do this you will enter into problems, but if you take this road you will help others and you will help yourself, and that is the right road to follow”. When you persist in choosing the wrong path, other spirits are trying to enhance their influence, spirits that are imperfect and undeveloped. They are frivolous spirits that will take pleasure in looking at you when you do the wrong things in life. When you persist and do not take the advice from your spirit guide, your guide will withdraw. But as a good father and mother for the child, your guide will not leave you but come to you and give you good advice when you ask. See, my friend, your spirit guide is like the good parent. They will keep an eye on you. They will watch over you, even though you are at a distance from them, but in the universal laws there is no actual distance, because there is no space in the spirit world.

You cannot fool either God or your spirit guide, because they know everything, they see everything. You only fool yourself when you follow and do the wrong things in life. It is like the good parent, the father and the mother, they follow their child, they give advice and when you follow the wrong path, well, what can they do? You have your free will and you must learn, so they let you learn from your mistakes, and so it is with your spirit guide and with God within yourself, and with your Father in heaven. They all watch over you, and your spirit guide has one mission as the good parent, and that is to raise you towards happiness, towards peace within your heart, and towards love for other fellow beings, so you can fulfil yourself in the school on earth, because that is what your Almighty Father had prepared for you. It was given to you for you to raise yourself.

You wonder what the meaning of life is. Well, maybe now you understand that you have a mission to perform. You have a mission here on earth to raise your spirit within yourself, to nurture that spirit, and you nurture the spirit with spiritual food, which is love. Your spirit guide, your guardian angel, is watching over you. You have a destiny in life, but you have free will and you can walk the life as you wish.

Can your spirit guide have a presentiment? Can your guide know your future? I can say this to you: If they knew, then you would not have free will. You yourself have to create your future. You must follow your pathway. They can influence you to do the right things in life, to follow the pathway of love, the pathway to your treasure, to the beauty within yourself, but you have free will. Your spirit guide knows what you will meet around the corner, because they have the view, they can see what others think, they can see your surroundings, your friends, your enemies, and they can in that respect know what the right pathway is. They can see what troubles you will meet and cause when you follow the wrong path, as you when you go deep inside yourself also will know from your intuition.

Your spirit guide is your friend, a friend that is 100% loyal to you, a friend you can trust, a friend that will never harm you, a friend that will never lie to you, a friend that will give you only love and that will show you the right pathway to follow in life. Trust your spirit guide, your true friend.

Know that the spirit world is real. Know that you have friends and family that care for you on this side, that you have unseen helpers around, many that have a sentiment for you, that will assist you on different pathways where they can have an ability to be part of your work, because you attract spirits that have the same interests, that have the same feelings and the same passions as yourself. Your spirit guide, your guardian angel, is superior and will always, always, give you good advice. So, know that your guide is there with you. Talk to your spirit guide and become close, because then you will ease the task for your guide to come to you and help you.

Now, when you want to be private, your spirit guide will let you be private, but know that God sees everything, and there are no secrets in the spirit world. When you become part of the love to your Father, you will know that his consciousness is open and there are no secrets and you have nothing to hide.

When you have nothing to hide, when you have raised yourself spiritually, when you have left your passions of the earth plane, when you have left the selfishness of this earth, which is the major obstacle for improving yourself, for raising yourself towards the beauties in life, and when you know this being in the consciousness of your Father in heaven is where you want to be, where there are no secrets, where all is open, where you are one with your Father, then, my friend, you can walk the Bridge of Love. Then you can build such a strong bridge between the earth plane and the spirit world that nothing can make a hindrance to the pure communication between our two worlds.

Love, my friend, is the mightiest force in the universe, and where there is love between friends and family, nothing can break those binds. The veil between the two worlds will vanish and you can be one in love on the Bridge of Love.

Christ showed the way. He was in communion with the spirit world. You remember the séance on Mount Hermon, where he spoke with Moses and Elijah. Well, my friend, Christ was in communion with human beings that had been on earth, that are still alive, and that are in the spirit world. And so can you, my friend, so can you.

Let your spirit guide be part of your life. Know your spirit guide and your true friend from the spirit world, your unseen helper that will walk beside you all the way towards your happiness.

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