27. Mindfulness


Care, Share, Love,
Mind your steps,
A life of humbleness.

The sun shines upon you,
Gives you the daylight,
For you to mind your steps.

A human being,
A new-born opening its eyes,
A new world reveals itself,
Parental guidance.

Caring, Sharing, Loving,
Being mindful,
Every step given the new-born,
The right path in life, the path of love.

Be a light for children on Earth,
A light of beauty,
Where the wisdom of God reveals itself,
Parental guidance.

Giving responsibility,
Securing the threshold,
Letting free will be of pleasure, be of love.

Being truthful to yourself and to others,
Being honest in your daily affairs,
A life in mindfulness,
Mind your steps.

Reflect upon nature,
The evolution,
It is all about mindfulness,
The Creation itself,
All in order,
All in perfect shape,
All made out of love.

It is your responsibility
To fulfil the Creation, to fulfil yourself,
To be mindful,
Like your Creator has been mindful in your creation,
Has given you a new life,
A new adventure,
A new challenge in this school of life,
Repeating itself until you learn,
A new life given to you in love.

Give your life mindfulness,
Give yourself a new realisation,
Use your free will well by being mindful
And you find a beauty,
The beauty of love that created you, within,
The beauty, a light of love for Earth.

Mindfulness is your love for your fellow beings.

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